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Accreditation adds value to a hospital’s services and is a quality assurance in patient care, patient services and safety standards. Holy Family Hospital is proud to state that it has earned some of the most sought-after accreditations available in India.

NABH Accreditation

The hospital celebrated a red-letter day when it was awarded a Certificate of Accreditation from the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH).

The NABH falls under the purview of the Quality Council of India, an autonomous body of the Government of India to establish and operate accreditation programmes for healthcare organisations.

The board is also a member of the International Society for Quality in Healthcare (ISQUA), which grants approval to accreditation bodies in the field of healthcare as a mark of equivalence of an accreditation programme in a member-country.

Holy Family Hospital, which received its accreditation on October 27, 2010, is only one of two Catholic hospitals in Mumbai and eleven in the city to have received the NABH accreditation.

NABH accreditation translates into excellence in patient care as the hospital is bound to adhere to stringent standards in all areas including hygiene, patient services, laboratory quality, management of medication, facility management, antibiotic policy, infection control etc. NABH accreditation also certifies that all consultants with the hospital regularly update their knowledge and expertise and maintain the highest standards in their qualifications and practice.

While awarding the certificate of accreditation, Dr Girdhar J Gyani, Secretary-General of the Quality Council of India, said that although the hospital is not a corporate hospital, it has nearly all necessary health services, including a specialised Heart Institute, to fulfil its mission in the delivery of healthcare services.

NABH Re-Accreditation

On 26th October, 2013, Holy Family Hospital became one of the few hospitals in the city which received re-accreditation by NABH. The hospital complied with the stipulated 102 standards and 636 objective elements. It is regularly audited by external auditors.

ISO Certification

Over the years, the Diagnostic Services of Holy Family Hospital have received national and international recognition. The Pathological Laboratory, Blood Bank and Imaging Department have an ISO 9001:2015 certification.

The Pathological Laboratory has also consistently been receiving high ratings in the Biorad External Quality Assurance Scheme (EQAS) conducted by Johnson & Johnson and has ranked within the top ten both nationally and internationally.