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Virtual Tour - Panaroma
Click for 360º Panaroma View

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a brief explanation of the menu buttons at the bottom of the screen.

the Camera icon brings up a quick pictorial menu of all the different rooms and restaurants.

HQ or LQ switch mode from Low Quality to High Quality or vice versa.
be warned that the High Quality mode downloads images in the 2.5 Mb range.

the four arrow buttons are used to pan left, right, up or down respectively.
You can also drag the panorama by using the left mouse button.

the - and + buttons are used to zoom in or out of the picture.
You can achieve the same effect by using the scroll wheel on the mouse.

the circular rotating arrow stops or starts the auto rotation.
Auto movement will stop is the image is clicked and dragged
Auto movement will also start if no button has been clicked for some time
and the panorama  is not in the stop mode.

the last button i.e. two overlapping rectangles is to toggle between
full screen mode and normal mode.