Testimonials & Reviews

Testimonials and Reviews


This hospital is a blessing for patient. Even in covid 19 situation they consult people and waive off the doctor fees. They will never loot people. My personal experience (twice) was very good. The entire staff of Holy Family is helpful, courteous and friendly. Thank You Holy Family for helping people and showing humanity.


We had a very good experience her in the deluxe room section. My wife delivered here under Dr Nozer s care as it is next to our house. More like a hospital than other pseudo five star hospitals in the surrounding areas. The nursing staff is very courteous.


Best Cochlear Implant Center In Mumbai India


I myself Rakesh Dharod, I had a chest pain and I was admitted on 1st September 2020 in Holy Family Hospital Mumbai. After admitting in ICU I came to know that there were 2 blockages in the nerves near my heart and I went for angioplasty. Dr Ankit Dedhia operated me and the whole treatment was successful and I am feeling mush better now. Thanks to the whole team of Dr Ankit Dedhia for giving me the best treatment and making me feel good. Also a big thanks to the nurses of Holy Family for standing by my side whenever I needed them. Once again thanks to the entire hospital.


We would like to express our deepest gratitude & heartfelt thanks to Holy Family Hospital Bandra for their efforts & support in helping the community in these challenging times. We would like to thank Mr.Santosh & the whole Covid Care team in particular for their kind attention & tireless service in aiding the cause of fighting this pandemic by helping each & every patient in need including us. Keep up the good work & we pray to God to give you & your team the wisdom to stay safe & strength to continue providing relentless service to the city, state & the nation in these challenging times with strong vigour & committed resolute.


My Father was admitted in a very critical condition. Thanks to the quick treatment and care of Holy Family Covid Team, he recovered successfully and is home now.

Really great job by the whole team, just to name a few who were monumental in this great recovery:
  • 1. Dr. Jarvis
  • 2. Dr. Sakshi
  • 3. Dr. Deepak
  • 4. Dr. Rashid
  • 5. Dr. Sarthak and others.

Great job by the nurses as well, being a Covid isolation ward we were not allowed to visit. However, the nurses made sure we spoke to our father 3-4 times a day using video call facility. Last but not the least I would like to thank the Medical Director Dr. Niraj.

Also, they were very conservative and took extreme precautions, but ensured quality and timely treatment.

The food quallity was good, but it can be better.


I was admitted to the same hospital for EP study on 5th July 2021. My experience is very very good. Staffs and Doctors are very dedicating and careing. They behave with patients as a family member. Very very nice experience


This hospital has very good doctors. It is recently renovated both on the outside and inside, I found the nursing stall to be very efficient and polite. They are also very humble and humane. The equipment is very good and of the latest technology. I've been coming to this hospital for many years and found this service excellent. I would highly recommend it to anyone specially for heart ailments.


I can say, Holy family hospital is one of the best hospital in the city. It has got all the facilities.It also got Best management, best doctors, well trained, caring nurses. When I had undergone a major spine surgery, in this hospital, I felt homely atmosphere.Every one was very helpful. The whole team is excellent. Charges are reasonable.


Very good hospital with very reasonable fee and very experienced faculty. I have delivered by 1st baby here inspite of suffering from Typhoid, they have waited for me to have normal delivery, wherein the other money minded hospitals would have gone with C-section. Special thanks to my gynac dr. Malcom Fonseca, for always being very humble and kind. The food, ambiance and the staffs were very good and cooperative. Well done and keep it up the good work team holy family...cheers...:-)

God bless you all.


Very courteous, understanding & friendly staff. Quite impressed with the way they deal with patients and make sure utter care is been taken. Sister Flacy of OPD department is very helpful and understanding. Saw her courteous behaviour towards patients and makes sure they are comfortable. In the physiotherapy department Ms. Dion is very courteous and makes sure patients are well aware of what treatment is done on them. Very understanding, polite and answers all queries patiently. Over all experience has been satisfactory. Keep it up 👍


I was expecting a minor surgery for a tonsil and fish bone stuck in my lower jaw. I had this for about 2 months really didn't pay much attention, as time passed by this began irritating and started causing a nuisance, so I approached Dr. Jarvis Pereira from holy family hospital, who with his high end equipment and well sophisticated technology helped in removing a foreign body from my tonsil this avoiding surgery. This Doctor is highly recommended by me. Holy Family has talented doctors and I guess Dr. Jarvis is one of them. Thanks to dr. Jarvis and his team at holy Family in putting their best efforts to get rid of my tonsil.


Dr Nozer Sheriar is one of the best angel doctor . He did a major operation for my mother . She is having speedy recovery due to his kind spirit our mom is been doing great . I would highly highly recommend this gynecologist to the people who are in need . You will make one of the best decision.


Very very good hospital. All the staff are dedicated fully towards the patients care. I have not seen such nice affordable hospital. The package charges are so reasonable and less compared to most of the hospitals in pune. I should mention the names of all the of the doctors in CRTD implant section taken care of me like Dr.Yash Lokhandwala sir, Dr. Krithika, SICU- Dr.neeraj, Dr. Bhavik, Dr. Rahul, all the sisters in SICU, nursing staff of Ward 119, Ward 118, the engineer Mr. Jatin kapoor of St.Jude and the male attendants in OT, SICU and last but not the least Mr. Luke Peracy all are all very nice people helping patients with total dedication. Seen lot of negative reviews but the actual fact is not that as written. Of course as one of the biggest and reputed hospital they have set lot of rules and norms but that is good for the patients only. Charges and packages very very reasonable. Suitable for people like me not having any insurance facility, drawing not high salary and also above 52 years. Dr. Yash Lokhandwala sir's experience in CRTD Implant has given me (Total heart failure) a new life and hopes. Last mention about the dietician who is very very important. She visits all the patients and speak to them and try to provide food strictly according to their health condition and also to their choice. The nuns, sisters, administrators special visits and their morning prayers which is audible gives great peace and strength to all the patients. I am from pune but I will surely visit this hospital for my further followups, I will definitely recommend to all my friends and relatives those who cannot afford huge medical expenses for critical illness. Thanks.


Thanks be to God we went to Holy Family . We Know Holy family since 1980. My husband (Walter Zebisch) and I were on holiday from Germany. On the 2nd day itself Walter`s heart gave trouble and Dr Brian Pinto, whose clinic we visited asked us to take him immediately to Holy Family. As soon as we reached there they carried out the tests asap.His heart function was 10 to 15 percent. his heart beat was 173. He had a diabetic shock. His sugar was normally around 200 and on that day it was 57. His lungs were full of water.Dr B. Pinto, his assistant, Dr Yadnik and his team worked wonders to stabilize him. WE are very grateful to them all the Drs, and all the staff who looked after my husband in the ICU to their very best. We are also very, very grateful to Mother Joanna who visited when ever she could and gave her heart filled smile.The sisters of the community gave us much moral support. God bless them all.


Great Experience with Holy Family Hospital, Staff and Doctors..... Specially Dr Chris De Souza.... Thanks. Lot for all your support and kindness......


I must share the wonderful experience i had at the SICU of Holy Family Hospital bandra.I was operated by the evergreen Dr Sadhanshu Bhattacharya and team no 1 to 10 India and may be world, and top-notch cardiologist dr Brian pinto.the nursing care was of the highest order for me and all my fellow patients enabling me to shave myself on day three and was ready to go home on day 6 if were not for dr Brian pinto to say how can you go before 7 days. You sleep here tonight and go home tomorrow..The nursing staff headed by in charge sr Maria and allthe other's were always there sympathetic aand caring my staffs sr Jomi and Neetuwere excellent .I beleive they have trined personally by sr Lucian sr priya.


Well organized hospital. Great team of professional doctors. I would really like to Thanks Dr Russell Pinto and Dr. Christopher for during my surgery.Nurse staff is very co-operative.


Best Cardiac institute in Mumbai.. Holy Family Hospital Bandra has done well in aquiring optical coherance tomography, the latest technology.