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College of Physicians & Surgeons (CPS)

College of Physicians & Surgeons of Mumbai (CPS) Courses

The College of Physicians & Surgeons (CPS), Mumbai, holds courses for various diplomas and degrees and takes regular lectures. Holy Family Hospital was accredited by the CPS to conduct the Diploma in DCH (2010), DA and D-Ortho (2012).

Teaching Programme at Holy Family Hospital
  • The teaching programme at Holy Family Hospital includes lectures, seminars, a journal club, clinics and case presentations.
  • The hospital conducts Grand Rounds on the third Saturday of every month with case presentations and discussions by students.
  • There are morbidity and mortality discussions, discipline-wise, on a monthly basis.
  • On the last Saturday of every month, a CME on a topic of current clinical interest by senior teachers / consultants / outside speakers of repute is held.
Admission for DCH, DA and D-Ortho courses

Please follow the centralized admission procedure and NEET is compulsory. Candidates must work as full-time residents for 24 months, which includes 6 months in an allied post in community medicine. In addition, candidates must attend a series of lectures at the CPS in Parel, Mumbai, on payment of a fee.

Students receive a stipend of Rs. 50,000 and Rs. 51,000 for first and second year respectively with free accommodation.

For queries, contact the Medical Superintendent on Tel: 62670555 / 62670397.