Medical Records


Medical Records

Medical Records

How To Reach Us

Location: Basement

Timings: 9 am to 5 pm (except Sundays and public holidays)

Phone: 022-62670437

Fax No: 022-26403219

Patients often need to comply with post-hospitalisation procedures that require certain documents and certificates from the hospital. This is usually the case with patients who file claims for medical insurance, on the death of a relative or for legal purposes.

Our Medical Records Department meticulously logs all documents required by patients and their relatives and provides copies of the same on compliance with stipulated procedures. Our staff is courteous, efficient and will walk you through the procedures.

Why you need to visit the Medical Records Dept

To obtain: Photocopies (attested) of Indoor Case Papers (kindly download Form A or Form B as required, fill them out and submit them to the MRD for processing).

Form A is for patients who are discharged from the hospital. It must be signed by the patient.

Form B is to be filled out on the death of a patient and signed by the individual who claims the body.

Hospital Registration

The hospital’s registration number is 761409799 (with H West, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation).


Medical records of patients are confidential and are handed over only to authorised individuals. If the patient / signatory (in the case of deceased patients) whose records are sought is unable to collect the requested documents in person, then he / she must provide a signed authorisation letter to the individual who collects them on his / her behalf.

Records / Services Provided
  • Attested photocopies of Indoor Case Papers.
  • Medical Summary / Death Summary.
  • Birth Record (photocopy of birth record certificate / time of birth).
  • Correction / change of patient's personal data (name, age, sex, address etc).
  • Attestation of medical documents of the hospital.
  • Certifying Insurance Claim Forms through the Medical Records Department for reimbursement of bill (the claim form must be brought by patient).
  • Certificate of the treating doctor through the Medical Records Department (ie, doctor's answers / remarks to queries of insurance company, injury or disability certificate). For this, patients need to present the insurance company’s query letter.
  • Signature / counter-signature of Medical Director / Medical Superintendent.
  • Signature / counter-signature of Medical Director / Medical Superintendent on claim forms of state or central government.