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Billing & Payment
Patients are advised to understand the nuances of the billing procedure to ensure clarity and speedy processing.

The hospital generates two types of bills - Interim Bill and Final Bill.

Interim Bill
Interim Bills are generated on a weekly basis or they may be generated even earlier, depending on the case.

In case of clarification, contact your respective Nurses' Station and for further clarifications, approach the Billing Department on the ground floor, next to the bank.

Patients are required to settle their Interim Bill within 24 hours. Payment is made to the Cashier / Bank Counter on the ground floor.

Please note, the deposit is adjusted only against the Final Bill and not against Interim Bills.

At the time of discharge, the hospital will generate your Final Bill. This bill takes into consideration all Interim Bills and the deposit paid at the time of admission. The transaction can be completed either by refund or recovery.

Bills are prepared on weekdays from 8 am to 7 pm and on Sundays from 9 am to 5 pm. Patients discharged outside the Billing Department's working hours are required to pay an advance against the estimated cost. This will be adjusted against the Final Bill, which will be available on the next working day.

Patient convenience is a priority and we offer various options for payment of deposits and bills
  • Cash
  • Demand Draft
  • Credit Card (MasterCard and VISA card only)
  • Cheque payment is accepted on approval of authorized personnel from the hospital.
  • A South Indian Bank ATM is located on the ground floor.
Room / bed charges vary with class of accommodation. Class of accommodation is also the determining factor for establishing cost of use of hospital services (eg, procedures, investigations etc) and doctors' fees.

Room / bed charges are inclusive of nursing, linen and meals for patients only. Supplementary items requested in addition to your diet will be charged separately.

For admission beyond a day's stay, the day of admission and day of discharge are calculated as one single day. However, if admission is before noon and discharge after noon, both days will be charged.

Patients upgrading their class of accommodation at their request will pay hospital and doctors' charges as per the higher tariff (except room charges) from the date of admission. Patients are required to sign their consent on their case papers.

Patients downgrading their accommodation will be charged according to utilisation of services.

Long Stay Patients
A 25-per cent additional charge will be levied on room / bed charges for patients staying beyond 21 days. However, this does not apply to long stay in the Intensive Care Units.

Maternity Admissions
In cases of maternity admission, doctors' charges vary with the class of room / bed registered on the ante-natal card.

Maternity cases must be registered in the seventh month of pregnancy. Patients are required to pay a deposit, which is adjusted against the Final Bill. The deposit varies with the class of accommodation.

Changes in the class of accommodation are permitted up to one month before the date of delivery.

Every patient taking admission to the hospital in the Ward / ICUs must pay a deposit as an advance against the bill. This applies to all types of admission - planned and emergency admissions.

The deposit varies with the class and type of admission. The deposit will be adjusted against the Final Bill only.

Cashless Patients
Patients covered by health insurance plans can opt for cashless payment of their hospital bills. These patients are required to pay a deposit of Rs 7,500 on admission. The deposit will be adjusted or returned on settlement of the claim by the TPA / Insurance Company. Patients can check facilities available at the TPA Counter.

Corporate Patients
The hospital has also tied up with certain corporate firms to service the health requirements of their employees. Corporate account holders and TPA patients must complete all the formalities before seeking admission as well as prior to discharge.

A 25-per cent emergency charge is levied on surgical and other procedures performed outside the hospital's working hours. They may be performed on weekdays as well as on Sundays and holidays.

Emergency charges include fees for doctors and use of operation theatres. Working hours for the operation theatres are 7.30 am to 3.30 pm. Emergency surgeries performed outside these timings attract the additional charge.

All investigations performed outside the hospital's working hours for out-patients attract an additional 20 per cent charge. In-patients do not have to pay any additional fee.