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To maximise patient comfort and assist in patient care, the hospital has made provisions for every patient to be accompanied by an attendant / relative during their stay in hospital.

Number of Attendants : Though the number of visitors during the day depends on the patient’s class of accommodation, every patient is allowed only one attendant / relative for overnight stay.

Hiring Attendants : Patients must make their own arrangements for day / overnight attendants as this facility is not provided by the hospital. The services of nursing aides (female and male) may be hired from the Navjeet Bureau of the Navjeet Community Centre located in the hospital premises.

The Navjeet Community Centre is a non-profit organisation that runs a community outreach programme to empower economically weaker sections of society. It set up the Nav-e-Bureau in 2002 and trains ward attendants in the basics of patient care. The centre’s dual objective is to offer marginalised communities a source of income while offering the hospital’s patients easy access to attendants.

The bureau ensures a background check on every attendant, maintains a register and assigns an identity card to each attendant. Each nursing aide works a 12-hour shift on payment of a fee fixed by the bureau. Nursing aides are subject to availability.