Our admission procedure is streamlined, quick and designed to guide you through the formalities with minimum paperwork.

The Admission Counter is located on the ground floor in the main foyer.

Planned Admission

Admission Advice Slip: If referred by your doctor or one of our consultants, submit the Advice Slip at the Admission Counter.

Patient ID: On admission, you will be assigned a unique identification number or In-Patient Number (IP No), which is your reference for all hospital procedures including billing during your hospital stay.

Class of Admission: Choose a class of accommodation from General, Cubicle, Semi-Private, AC Private or Deluxe. Booking is subject to availability. Please note that hospital and doctor's charges vary with the class of accommodation you choose.

Forms: You are required to fill out a registration form and sign a consent form stating your approval of admission in the class specified and for rendering the medical services required by you.

Deposit: You will be asked to pay an advance deposit at the time of admission. This will be adjusted when your final bill is prepared.

Timings: Planned admission can be booked on all days between 7 am and 9 pm.

Emergency Admission

If you are in need of urgent medical attention, approach the Emergency Department on the ground floor at the entrance to the hospital.

After a medical examination, you may be admitted on the advice of the Casualty Medical Officer on duty.

Maternity Admission

Registration: Expectant mothers choosing to deliver their babies at the hospital must register and pay a deposit while in the seventh month of pregnancy. The class of accommodation is subject to availability and the deposit varies with the class of accommodation.

Patients admitted under the Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology are either OPD Patients or Private Patients. OPD Patients are referred by a consulting obstetrician from the hospital and receive a green card which they must produce at the OPD Registration Desk. Alternatively, Private Patients are referred by an external consulting physician and must produce a letter from their doctor for registration.

Expectant mothers who are not registered are taken to the Emergency Department.

Accommodation: The hospital’s Labour Ward is located on the third floor and comprises a general ward, cubicle, semi-private, private and deluxe rooms (AC and non-AC). OPD Patients may choose any class of accommodation while Private Patients can choose from semi-private upwards.

The Holy Family Heart Institute

For admission to the Holy Family Heart Institute, proceed to the hospital’s Heart Institute Reception Counter on the ground floor. This counter is open 24x7.

Concessional Treatment

The hospital has set aside 10 per cent of its total beds for patients in the 'indigent' category and another 10 per cent for patients in the 'weaker section' category. Both categories of patients may avail of concessions and are assigned to the General Ward.

Patients may avail this facility after being assessed on their economic status by our Medical Social Service Department, which is staffed with a team of social workers.

Timings: Mon to Sat, 9 am to 5 pm. The department is closed on Sundays and public holidays.