Dr. Robin Pinto

MD, DM (Cardiology) (sp.Cardiology)

Over the last 17 years, the Holy Family cardiac department has become one of the leading referral centers in western India for a whole range of cardiac services.

What I would like to talk to you about today is about the golden hour. As you know, patients who are suffering from a heart attack. Time is essential, or as they say in cardiology, time is muscle. The earlier you reach a hospital, the better it is for you. At the holy family hospital, we are extremely well equipped to deal with such patients because the minute you reach the hospital. Our patient staff will intimate us, and the whole cath lab and angiography lab is kept ready. The treatment of choice for treating heart attacks is to take the patient to the cardiac catheterization laboratory and open the artery by means of angioplasty.

This requires a lot of resources. But here at holy family, we are ready round the clock 24 hours, and in fact, I am proud to say we do among the leading numbers of true what we Call Primary Angioplasty in heart attack patients. So next time your suffering from chest pain, you're sweating, the pain is going to your jaw, you feel extremely unwell, it is unwise for you to call the family doctor. Then he'll take 2 hours to come, then again he'll refer you. Your wasting precious time. The time the minute you feel something is wrong or something related to your heart. Make sure you come to a casualty. Get seen by our doctors, and we assure you. You will be given the best treatment and will go home fast. Remember, time is essential here, and the sooner you reach the hospital with a heart attack, the better it is for you.