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Dr. Rajaram D Khare

MD (Paed), DCH (Sp.Paediatrics)

I have more than 30 years of professional experience in Paediatrics, working as teaching faculty in medical colleges for twenty years.

Formerly, Professor of Paediatrics at Somaiya Medical College, Mumbai. I have co-authored three books.

Interests: General Paediatrics, Asthma, P.G. training.

I am a child Specialist. Today I will talk to you about the vomiting and loose motions caused in children.

In children, vomiting and loose motions is very common. Especially in children who are below 3 years old.

So what happens is there is little fever at the start, and then vomiting starts. Vomiting can happen 2-4 or sometimes even more times, and when vomiting stops after some hours, loose motions start and sometimes. After sometime when vomiting starts, the loose motion stops but sometimes both happen at the same time. Loose motion sometimes is normal or can be watery sometimes.

Its loose motion is small, and sometimes it can be big, and if vomiting is also on during this time. The condition of the child may worsen.

Why this vomiting and loose motion disease happens is because of germs, and mostly these germs are viruses. Rotavirus is a common virus because of which these diseases are caused, and I can say that the rotavirus vaccine is out so that this disease can be controlled. If everyone gives their kids 3 doses of this vaccine before 6 months the common cause of vomiting and loose motions can be prevented.

Many times vomiting and loose motions can be normal. It means that newborn babies who are dependent on mother's milk and completely on Mothers's milk they can suffer from loose motion 5-6-8 times and sometimes 10 times to every time, watery sometimes green, sometimes white doesn't matter the kid doesn't have any symptoms of being sick the kid is happily playing, drinks milk then it is normal but in other cases, we need to be alert and take proper care of this vomiting loose motion problem.

The problem with this disease is the water from our body is going out. It is a small intestine disease, because of which we keep losing water from our body and because of this the water level in our body is reduced. which is called dehydration, and kids the main reason for falling sick is dehydration, and we should focus our treatment on preventing or stopping children from getting dehydrated.

Now, if there is a loss of water, then the treatment is done through the water. How much water comes out that much amount of water needs to be given.

Which water needs to be given? you'll must we knowing of ORS i.e Oral Rehydrating Solution, you get packets in the market, and that can be given in water but be careful about the quantity mentioned in the packet. The solution should be made according to what the proportion of power and water is specified. If you take too much powder or water can be bad some children don't drink the ORS water. So in between, you can give normal water or rice water is the best ORS a glass of rice water and put a pinch of salt can be given to kids.

Should in this we stop the food given to children? No, after every loose motion water should be given. Because water is lost if the child is hungry, then dal rice chappati. If the kid is big, then curd, rice, gravy, bottle gourd, vegetable, etc. Can be given after loose motion water and if no loose motion, then food problem. What happens is sometimes when vomiting happens with loose motions and what happens is we losing water, and more water cant be given, because of vomit, and in this case, the chances of dehydration are more how do we come to know of dehydration. One side loose motion happening and we unable to provide sufficient water because of vomiting so the child is thirsty becomes irritated. The child instead of 4 hours for more than 6 hours the child doesn't pee so we should understand that the child is dehydrated, and we need to take the child to the hospital.

Doctor is there a way to stop it? unfortunately, there is no medicine which stops this disease it is because this is viral diarrhea happens because of the virus so the main treatment is rehydration i.e give the amount of water that the body loses it gets cured in 2-3 days many times zinc or probiotic pills are given in which the disease is reduced, sometimes there is blood in the stool of the child it is called dysentery. Which is thick blood and this can be treated, with the help of antibiotics, so diarrhea has two types. One is dry, and the other is blood and mucus. The second type has medicines. But the first type doesn't have medicine on how to stop it? cleanliness. The child who drinks mother milk will have very less chances of getting diarrhea.

But when it is processed milk, then we need to make sure it is clean. Keep it away from flies, keep the milk bottle clean, and we can prevent it from cleanliness.

So we should take care that to prevent there should be cleanliness as much as possible give mothers milk if loose motions start then water and if dysentery then medicine and if dysentery is there and the child is irritated, and vomiting is on and peeing is less than the child should be immediately hospitalized to check to thank you this way we will either prevent diarrhea or treat it faster.