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Dr. Maruti Pujeri

MS (Surgery); MCh (Neurosurgery) (sp.Neurosurgery)

Dr Maruti Pujari is a young, dynamic neurosurgeon currently practicing in Mumbai, involved in all aspects of neuro-surgery with special interest in micro-vascular surgeries and tumors of brain and spine. He is currently working as a consultant neurosurgeon at Holy Family Hospital.

Dr. Maruti Pujari graduated from Shri B M Patil Medical College, Karnataka. He completed his advanced qualification in General Surgery from prestigious Grant Government Medical College and Sir J J Group of Hospitals, Mumbai. He acquired his neuro-surgical skills via a MCh from Bangur Institute of Neurosciences and S S K M Hospital, Kolkata.

I am a consultant neurosurgeon for Holy Family hospital. Today I will be telling you briefly about brain tumors.

In Today's World, we see a lot of Brain Tumor patients coming to our OPD. It is just because we have been constantly exposed to many risk factors, some of the important risk factors are ionizing radiations, family history of Brain Tumor which is very important, and other tumors in the body which can secondarily metastasize to the brain. So it is always essential to look for the risk factors. I want to tell you what are the set of symptoms with these patients usually come to us. We see patients usually present with a headache, severe some sort of headache. Early in the morning which is not reduced by any kind of medication associated with nausea, vomiting, blurring of the vision. It also depends upon the size of the tumor, location of the tumor. Sometimes we present with personality disturbances and walking disabilities. Sometimes the main important factor is seizures or the Fits. So these are the set of the symptoms.

Why it is important to diagnose the Brain tumor? Brain Tumor is very essential to diagnose. Because in the early stages, we can see if it can be cured completely in stage 1 or stage 2. We, neurosurgeons, divide the brain tumor into 4 stages. So stage 1 and stage 2 tumors can be early treated and cured completely. The holy Hospital is fully equipped with all the modern facilities including investigations like a CT and MRI of the brain. We can screen the whole spine then we can go for the treatment. The treatment modalities are many including open Craniotomies, to microvascular techniques, to endovascular techniques, and also some recent keyhole techniques.

He has specialized in handling emergency cases like head trauma and spinal trauma. He also specialises in the management of brain tumors, cervical and lumbar slip disc surgeries, epilepsy and endoscopic and microvascular surgeries.

After completion of the neuro-surgical training he joined Sir J J Group of Hospitals where he developed skills in surgeries, ICU care and post-operative management as well as participated in research work .

Apart from surgery, he has special interest in teaching and educating the general public. He has conducted many classes for allopathic, homeopathic and unani students; and training of staff nurses in management of emergencies at the Neuro Unit.

He has also won prizes for best paper presentation at the time of neuro training and presented posters in neuro scientific programmes. He also has a few publications on his name.