Dr. Jaipal P Jadwani

MD (sp.Cardiologist)

I'm working at Holy family hospital for almost 25 years. Today I am going to discuss or talk about a very common problem of hypertension. Which we commonly call high blood pressure, the cases of blood pressure or hypertension is increasing rapidly in our country. Unfortunately, nowadays we see that many of the youngsters also getting high blood pressure, which is unfortunate and the basic reason for that is our erratic lifestyle, no rest, lots of alcohol. Blood pressure is very easy to diagnose, and not difficult to treat but unfortunately, in spite of that simplicity, many of us are not getting treated properly. Blood pressure is a very common link. Which may be responsible for these so-called bardic attacks, blood pressure is often responsible for heart attacks, blood pressure is very often responsible for kidney failure and heart failure, by controlling blood pressure we can take care of all these 4 problems, and if we don't control the blood pressure, then the chances of developing all these problems are very high.

My humble request to all of you will be, whenever you get a chance to see any doctor. Please request doctors to check your blood pressure, and if the doctors say yes you have blood pressure, please don't ignore it. Because the treatment is very simple and the advantages are far more. We may not realize when we don't get blood pressure treated because it keeps on damaging your body quietly, silently. That's why very often we call it a silent killer. Please don't ignore your blood pressure, stick to your doctor's advice, and try and improve your lifestyle. Take proper rest, try and avoid too much alcohol.