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Dr. Hirav Parikh

MS (Gen Surgery), FMAs, FNB (Minimal Access Surgery, GI and advanced Laparoscopy) (Sp. General Surgery)

I am a consultant of minimal access surgeon and a robotic surgeon. I have 5 to 7 years of experience in minimal access surgery at Holy Family Hospital.

Laparoscopic surgery is a marriage of modern surgical innovation. Applying to the human being to decrease the somatic and psychological trauma to the patient. Laparoscopic surgery is known by many names like keyhole surgery, endoscopic surgery, buttonhole surgery, and various names. Laparoscopic surgery is aimed to decrease the trauma to the patient as well as psychological trauma to the patient. Nowadays, almost all surgeries can be done with laparoscopic.

The important is laparoscopic, cholecystectomy laparoscopic, appendicectomy even a gallbladder surgery, urinary bladder surgery, small bowel surgery, even splenectomy adrenal everything can be done with laparoscopic surgery. Now coming to the advantage of laparoscopic, surgery. Laparoscopy has a minimal scar to the patient, better cosmetics, a better quality of life to the patient, early hospital discharge, less antibiotic requirement, less stay in the hospital, and early return to work.

The only disadvantage of laparoscopic surgery is the surgeon should be well skilled in laparoscopic surgery, there is a loss of tactile feedback in case of laparoscopic surgery, and better ergonomics should be not known to the surgeon in order to perform good laparoscopic surgery.

Considering the complications of laparoscopic surgery, apart from anesthetic complications, surgical complications are like solid organ trauma, hemorrhage, a small bowel injury. Most of the injuries are doing initializes, the laparoscopic surgeon or the minimal access surgeon should be well versed in the complications and most of the complications can be tackled by laparoscopy.

Coming to other complications like that can be NEMA thorax, can do surgical emphysema, there can be hemorrhage or that can be bladder injury. Now it is more advanced in the case of laparoscopic surgery like people do. Since we also do single insane laparoscopic surgery or sometimes there is more advanced, like robotic surgery or endoluminal surgery, in fact, in short, I can tell you only one thing. we can do every surgery by laparoscopy, the only thing the surgeon should be well known with the ergonomics of laparoscopy and should be well skilled with laparoscopy.