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Dr. Dinshaw A. Dastoor

FRCS (Oph Glas), DOMS (sp.Ophthalmology)

Blessed am I to be able to heal the infirm, to comfort those in pain and to make the rich and poor, both, see the world in a different light ! I thank the Lord and all mankind for this opportunity.

My name is Dr. Dinshaw Dastoor. I have been in the medical practice for the last 27 years, and I have been associated with Holy Family Hospital for the last fourteen years.

Over the last years that have I been here, I have seen the department in ophthalmology progress by leaps and bounds. Equipment-wise, the OT theater itself is extremely well equipped, especially for Anterior segment surgery, primarily that is cataract surgery.

I family am a cataract surgeon, and I perform cataract surgeries on a daily basis. I have another attachment elsewhere also. But the bulk of my turnover is maximum in Holy Family Hospital. I am operating on a three-weekly basis, normally three or four cases at a stretch, and the technique I specialize in is slightly different from the conventional, it is a socialist small incision technique, wherein I have modified the incision to a size of around three and a half to four millimeters and of course no sutures but I used premium lenses, foldable lenses, multifocal, monofocals.

The technique that I performed is extremely safe and very cost-effective, more than anything. So it fits into the budget of patients who truly can't afford, at the same time, we have various packages also in the hospital wherein different ranges of lenses are available. So depending on that the results are extremely gratifying and more than that I can assure you that any type or any grade of cataract. Be it the most the early stages, the immature ones as well as the hardest of hard cataracts. I have removed over the last many years. Especially cataracts which are hard, as well as pupils which are not dilating, small pupils two millimeters, three millimeters, sized pupils I have managed to remove those cataracts without any complications.

Today also I'd like to mention that cataract surgery is no more. Cataracts are no more a condition that is seen in the geriatric population or the old age. I am operating on cataracts in patients who are in their 30s and 40s, on a weekly basis, so it's no more a condition that is seen in the elderly. It's very common even with the young. Apart from cataract surgery I also perform glaucoma surgery, sometimes combined glaucoma surgeries with cataracts which are a little complex, but very well. Patients do well, it's very rewarding. I also perform some minor procedures like cysts and lead surgeries.

The OPD itself in the Holy Family Hospital, the ophthalmic OPD, the eye OPD is very well equipped. We have a full-fledged and full-time optometrist who does refraction and primary diagnosis. We also have lovely equipments in the OPD apart from street lamps and YAG lasers for capsular thickening. We also have retinal lasers, we also have OCTs, we have parametry machines for glaucoma screening, we have non-contact tonometers for glaucoma screening. Practically everything state of the art and it's ever-evolving. The patient load is fantastic. I'm very happy with the hospital the patients are completely cosmopolitan, the crowd we have - from all walks of life, and the system here is very simple. it's an OPD in the morning and you also have a chance to sit and see patients in private in the evening. So I am extremely happy I have absolutely no complaints whatsoever.