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  • Tue1330 - 1530

Dr. Deepak P. Tirthani

MD (Paed), DCH (Sp.Paediatrics and Neonatology)

Have worked with the hospital since 16 years. Conceptualised the new NICU. Love teaching young doctors. Future direction – would love to specialize in Paediatric Respiratory Medicine.

Interests: General Paediatrics, Asthma, P.G. training.

I am a Pediatrician that is a kids specialist, and whenever people bring their kids to the OPD. They always ask me why my kid falls sick every time. Then we have to explain to them that it happens because of weather like in monsoon, different kinds of diseases that occur like dengue, malaria.

But some diseases like a chest infection, tonsils which are related to our lifestyle and we would like to give the parents a message that if they should take care of the diet of the children. Then the children will fall sick less in the diet we see that 5 things are focused more to give a child. One is milk, second is bread, third is biscuits, fourth is white rice and fifth is noodles all these things are processed foods and if sugar is added to these then it creates a deadly mix and the child who gets addicted to all these things which come from a packet homemade things the kid will not eat but will eat outside food very easily but won't eat homemade healthy food.

So, it is our request that in order to reduce the diseases caused among the children, the parents should change the diet pattern. The first thing that should be in the diet is the most important that we see children not eating is vegetables. Your child daily should eat daily 5-6 types of vegetables. From which one vegetable should be a green leafy vegetable. These vegetables can include cluster bean, peas, beans, bottle gourd, carrot, beet you can choose any vegetables from this and you can give your child all these in rotation. Maybe you can make soup or mix in paratha or mix in flour.