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Dr. Chris E. de Souza


Fellowship in Otology and Neurotology in the USA.University of Minnesota Fellowship in Rhinology in the USA, University of Pennsylvania Currently Assistant Professor in ENT at SUNY, New York, USA and at LSUHSC in Louisiana, USA

Authored eight books : 4 books in the USA and 4 in India Awarded the Orbit Silver Medal from the Netherlands Man of Year : 2004 from the USA.

This is an interview between the doctor and a few patients.

Cochlear implants signifies a bionic device, wherein an artificial device is used to stimulate a biological Cogan, that is cochlear. We an ENT surgery are extremely privileged to be offered this opportunity of restoring the full sense of an organ. Children who are deaf are now have the benefit of receiving cochlear implants, which can help them develop like any other normal child.

The mother of Sana, who has benefitted from this says when she was 2 years. She did not know that Sana could not speak, could not hear. When Sana's mother came to know she was terrified. Sana had to struggle a lot for 3 years. For 2 years Sana had been going to KEM hospital. Sana did not receive any help from there. So, when she came to know she was sent here. One person named Rajesh referred to her here. When Sana's mother came, she was taken in with the help of Rajesh. Her child can speak and can hear.

The Cochlear implant is a device that electrically stimulates the nerve endings in the cochlear. Thereby providing sound.

Another patient is talking about her son. Today, he is talking like normal children. He is in a normal school, among normal children. Life has gone from low to high. So, thank you, doctors, thank you holy family hospital.

Doctor Chris De Souza is asking a small child whether he can hear. Tell me from which ear can you not hear clearly. Show with the hand, left or right. The boy said the right side. Doctor Chris De Souza asked if the boy could hear clearly from that side right?. The boy said yes, very clearly. Doctor Chris De Souza asked whether he should put the machine put in this ear?. yes was the boy's reply. Doctor Chris De Souza asked if the machine is put in both ears will benefit more in both. The boy agreed. In both, the ears will be done together.

The success rate is very very high. It is deemed to be about 98%. The reason the 2% is that we are not sure because it depends on the in organ, that is the cochlear, and how well it has survived the damage that it has suffered. But as our understanding of hearing improves, as the sophistication of the device increases. It evolves, we are sure that the success rate of the device would be even further increased.

This is Sana as you can see from the bandage that she just underwent a cochlear implant in the right ear. In 2014 she has undergone a cochlear implant on the left year. She has benefitted from it tremendously. She is able to speak clearly, hear clearly and this has given her parent's immense satisfaction. Which has caused them to seek implantation in the other ear. Cochlear implants in both ears benefit the patient tremendously, improves their understanding of speech, helps them to talk clearly, and reintegrates them into society in a very meaningful and productive way.

Sanas mother asks Sana to sing and she sings. Fish is the queen of the seawater is it's life if you touch it it will get scared put water it will die. Sana's father says that his child's ear operation benefited. His child could not say a word. Sana couldn't even say mummy, daddy, food, or water. Now Sana can count from 1 to 40, sings poetry, is good at studies. Now the other ear is also operated. Now Sana will improve more.

This is Mohammed azan. He is 5 years old. He was operated on for his right ear surgery was done 3 years ago and he is due for his left ear surgery in march. Mohammed told a story and the moral is never to give up. The surgery is done machine is installed now the work is of the parents. It is not like a machine installed now and the kid will do everything on his own. You work hard then only this thirst will go, then only the child will be able to hear, then only the child will start speaking.

My name is Bhagwat Patil, and I am working in the holy family hospital as a cochlear implant for the ENT and a social worker. Who raise the fund of the children coming to the hospital for the cochlear implant surgery. Most of the children I observe are coming from the lower state of society and they find it very difficult to arrange the fund for the cochlear surgery.

Our resources are extremely limited, because the cost of the device, the expenses is approximately 6 lakhs. Furthermore evaluating these children will require a further 2 lakhs. which is an enormous amount of money. Since we treat patients from very poor families and disadvantage socioeconomic status, we have donors in the form of the tata group of trust and the Salman trust. Both these trust have been very very generous and gracious and have rushed to our aid. My plea to potential donors and to donors is that you are changing a life for the better, in a very tangible way. Children who would be isolated socially, psychologically, and in all kinds of ways and be left out completely from society are really and truly meaningfully integrated into society. It changes their lives dramatically and these children, who are looked upon with despair by their parents. Now I can see the tangible joy in the parents when they hear their children speak and respond in a very meaningful way. In the way that all children should respond, when their parents call out to them.