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Dr. Brian Pinto

MD, DM (Cardiology), FACC (sp.Cardiology)

Brian Pinto is the Head of Cardiology and an interventional cardiologist at Holy Family Hospital. He is the pioneer in Trans Radial angiography and angioplasty in the country. He was one of the first to do rotational atherertomy and direct stenting in India. He has extensive experience in interventional cardiology. He has performed more than 15,000 Coronary, Peripheral Interventions and more than 10,000 Trans- Radial procedures. He does approximately 1,000 procedures in the cath lab annually, including Rotablation and Peripheral cases.

After completing his education with distinction and winning several prizes and scholarships, he has continued the learning process and is a Fellow of the American College of Cardiology. He is the recipient of William O'Neil Award for excellence in Cardiology and Medical Education. He has done 24 Drug Trials and Registries. He is a teacher for DNB Cardiology.

He is Secretary General of the India International Forum of Cardiology and is also Scientific Chairman of Cardiology Summit for several years. He has published and presented papers in national and international journals and guest orator at many national and international Cardiology Conferences.

I am the chief of cardiology at the Holy Family Hospital in Bandra. We have started this department approximately 15 years back, but I've been a practicing interventional cardiologist for the past thirty years. We started this department because of the fact that the Holy Family was a major hospital in Bandra, but did not have an interventional cardiology unit now we do all types of specialized procedures in the cath lab, the echocardiography lab, and the stress test lab that we have. In the cath lab, we have been pioneers in actually two procedures. One is trans-radial procedures that we do from the hand, in which case we do not go from the leg or the groin. But we are able to do this procedure from hand making the patient go home on the same day within four to six hours time and we are also experts for Angioplasty. which means that we do Angioplasty with stenting and this is something which we started from the hand almost 15 years back. We've also been added two new machines to our department. One is the IVUS, which is the intravascular ultrasound and we also have the OCT. These are two imaging modalities that enable us to see the coronary arteries much better from within. These modalities are not available in many of the hospitals of Mumbai. In fact, we are only the second hospital in Mumbai to have the oct with angiographic co-registration.

We also perform a procedure called the ffr, this is a fractional flow reserve. In which, we are able to find a pressure gradient across any stenosis, in which way we reduce the number of procedures that need to be done enough on a patient.

We have a fully equipped CT scan department to do CT coronary angiography as well. So very often our patients just need to do a CT coronary angiography and then follow up with us. We are actually pioneers also in electrophysiology. In fact, our doctors do a lot of electrophysiology work over here. Which includes putting of pacemakers. This also includes doing RF ablation for patients who have tachycardia and also putting CRT and ICD devices which are used for patients who have got heart failure and who sometimes need to have electrical shocks given to them so that their heart rhythms are restored.

We have been the Institute that has started iCare. iCare stands for care for everybody. In the form of those who have sudden cardiac death, this happens very suddenly, many times in young people who fall on the road unconscious they are not breathing and their heart has stopped. In other words, the heart has gone into a rhythm which is shockable. Now unless these patients are resuscitated and brought to the hospital quickly after they've been given a shock then only can you save about 50% of them. Sadly in our country hardly 1% of these patients get saved because of a lack of education and because of the fact that we have not put enough AED's.

Holy Family along with icare has gone ahead and installed 15 AED's already in Bandra and we are aiming to put 50 in Bandra. So that people can be saved and then they can be treated. This is a project which we intend to spread all over the city and if possible, give this information to places all over the country. These are some of the few things that we have done. But we must also tell you about our non-invasive Department. Our non-invasive department consists of echocardiography, transesophageal echocardiography so on and so forth. We do a lot of dobutamine, stress tests which are done in our department. Stress tests are done in our department. So, we have the whole gamut of cardiology that is performed over here and at very reasonable prices which is very important, we are not a corporate Hospital. We are a hospital that cares and we give this kind of information and we spread information. We spread education and we have a lot of seminars. We have 6 DNB students with us who are taught over here and these students, two at a time who every year will pass under our whole list of cardiologists that we have attached to this hospital.

We are also pioneers in rotablation which is a technique that is used to open up arteries by cutting through calcium these are some of the important things which I have told you. But most of all I want to tell you one thing Holy Family is a place that cares. It cares for its doctors, it cares for its nurses, and it cares for its patients.