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Dr. Biswanath Gouda

DNB (Surgery), FALS, MPH (sp.Surgical Gastroenterology)

I'm a GI Laparoscopic bariatric surgeon. I have trained myself from Hinduja hospital Mahim and have done further training in France and America. I joined the holy family hospital as a bariatric surgeon. Today I am going to talk to you about the issues of obesity in India and more so in this city of Mumbai. We see a lot of people nowadays overweight and obese when we go out in the malls, or we go out anywhere and it forms an epidemic in our society. So we offer surgery as weight loss surgery. It's also called metabolic surgery and also as bariatric surgery.

Where we help people who are overweight with obese to lose their weight and with weightloss not only the weight comes down. But your diabetes, your hypertension, your heart disease issue, and pain in your knees gets resolved and it got amazing results, and here in the holy family hospital, we have a team approach. Where you are seen by a dietician, an endocrinologist, a nephrologist, and a diabetes specialist, and myself. We have a team approach to handle your weight loss issues and our results are extremely good. We have one of the best results in town where your contigation rates and a burst of rates are lower in the city. So any more problems or any more questions you have regarding obesity or weight loss surgery, you know we offer you the same in our hospital. So, please come and visit us in our OPD for consultation, and we want to help you to improve your lifestyle and so that you can live a long healthy life.