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Dr. Anil Charles Pinto

MS (Sp.General Surgery)

Ex Hon Associate Prof. of Surgery, G.S. Medical College Ex Hon Associate Surgeon, R N Cooper Hospital General Surgeon doing Laproscopic Surgery

I joined Holy Family hospital in the year 1985. Probably one of the first people to join the hospital. I used to operate even when the hospital was a small nursing home, but we at that time did only minor cases. I am in the department of general surgery and Laparoscopic surgery. I am the head of the department of surgery where we have surgery right from ingrown toenails to laparoscopic gallbladder removal, laparoscopic appendectomy. We have a vibrant teaching system whereby, we train students for post-graduate degrees and the teaching is of such high quality. That we have not had a single candidate who has not passed their Ms or the DNB in the 1st attempt. Surgery is a passion and I have been in surgery right from 1975 and we do every type of surgery.

There was a time when Holy Family just started where there was a lack of instruments. So I used to get my own instruments to the hospital and we used to do surgery right from neurosurgery, to abdominal surgery, to amputations, to diabetic foot. Now we have restricted ourselves to general surgery and I do a lot of abdominal surgery. Including cancer surgery. We have a department of surgery, which has six surgeons who are all postgraduates and all been here for the last 20 years. They are all teachers of the DNB program. The DNB stands for the Diploma of the National Boards, where students train for their post-graduation in surgery. They have a very intensive teaching program as well as a training program. They work under supervision and are excellent in their work. We do all sorts of abdominal surgery, right from cancer surgery to appendectomy. Either open or by laparoscopy our department as I said it consists of six general surgeons. We have one full-time general surgeon who is here on the campus from 9 to 5 and we have another assistant surgeon who is also here from 9 to 5. We have 4 resident doctors who are there 24 hours of the day, so you need not worry about the doctor being available for you. There is always somebody on call and always somebody to attend to you. We have a general OPD which is very economical, where you can come without an appointment and meet the doctors.

The holy family hospital is a tertiary care hospital and there is no surgery which we do not do. Now we are expanding all the time and getting new equipment all the time and we wish you to come to holy family and enjoy the hospitality of the hospital and the expertise of all the surgeons who are here and you can be sure you have a good experience if you come to the holy family hospital.