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Dr. Alan Andrade


Starting the ENT Department 27 years ago singly and from scratch with all the equipments personally loaned to the hospital. We have today a well developed ENT, Head, Face and Neck and Audiology department with four experienced ENT Surgeons and two Audiologists carrying out daily general OPDs, surgeries and clinical research. My original successful research with Rs. 1 worth eardrops for a week for discharging ears in our slum and chawl children helped the hospital to get recognition for the Research Society. There is a lot more we plan to do.

I'm an ENT surgeon senior consultant at the Holy Family Hospital in Bandra. The ENT department was started a long time ago in December 1979. When the Ursuline Sisters of the Holy Family Hospital entrusted me singly to start this department, with a very low budget and ever since then we have progressed very rapidly over the last 38 years and we have a department in ear, nose, throat, head, face, and neck surgery. Which would match the best of any of the hospital hospitals in India. All types of ear surgeries including, microsurgery for perforations, deafness surgeries like stapedectomy, cochlear implants, mastoid abscesses, including brain abscesses are handled by us and successfully treated. All types of nose surgeries, endoscopic sinus surgeries, and cosmetic surgeries are also performed very successfully. We are doing all types of throats operations including that of the jaws, cheeks, the palate, and of course the routine tonsillectomy areas, and we are also extending our surgery to Voicebox, micro laryngeal surgery for Voicebox tumors cancer cysts very successfully. We have been also doing sleep apnea surgeries for snoring and the difficulty in getting adequate oxygen during the night when obese people lie down. They are tremendously benefited by our surgeries here. We have also extended our work into the thyroid and parathyroid and all cancers of these areas. Plus parotid tumors and other salivary gland tumors.

In a whole range completing the entire ear-nose-throat areas. We have done almost all types of surgeries over the years, and all of them very successfully. We are supported by a group of five specialized ENT surgeons, who attend all days of the week right from Monday to Saturday in the morning and the afternoon, and this facility is available even for the poorest of the patients. We have also for those, who want to come privately every evening. The ENT doctors are available from 4:00 to 8:00 every day.