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Human behaviour is wonderfully complex and includes people who are well adjusted, others who are not and others who are somewhere in between.

Most people are able to absorb the stress of modern living and live healthy, productive lives. However, others need a helping hand to get their coping mechanisms on track. Psychiatrists and psychologists use various terms to describe such behaviour but at the core are deep-seated feelings of anxiety and depression that compromise the quality of life. Some people are seriously maladjusted and need long-term psychiatric intervention so that they can function with some semblance of normalcy.

What is mental health? And who needs professional counselling or a psychiatric evaluation? Our Department of Psychiatry can help you answer these and other related questions. And we do this using the latest practices in psychiatry. This includes Assessment, Diagnosis and Therapy for various psychiatric, neuropsychiatric, psychosomatic and psychological disorders.

Apart from our consulting psychiatrists and clinical psychologist, we also offer the services of a consulting child and adolescent psychiatrist and a psychiatric social worker and clinical psychologist.

Inpatient Services

Inpatient services are limited to admission of voluntary patients and not under the Mental Health Act of India.

Psychological Tests

Psychometric testing including Intelligence, Personality, Aptitude and Interest and psycho-diagnostic tests such as Rorschach, TAT, MMSE and CAMCOG are administered on a case-by-cases basis.

Therapies Offered
  1. Drug therapy: Includes the most recent medications for various disorders administered as per international and national practice guidelines.
  2. Psychotherapy: Includes individual, marital, family therapy by appointment.
  3. Behavior Modification, Rational Emotive Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Biofeedback Therapy, Counseling are other therapies available as per requirements.
  4. Other Biological Therapies like ECT and Aversion Therapy.
Research Activities
  1. Basic Clinical Research. Our department consistently conducts and presents research on children and elders at local and national conferences.
  2. Clinical Drug Trials. Since 2003, we have undertaken ICH GCP-compliant drug trials for Indian and multi-national companies for approval in keeping with the requirements of the Drug Controller of India and the US Food and Drug Administration.
Community Activities

Our faculty regularly conducts Memory Camps and Parenting Workshops as part of the hospital’s community awareness activities. We also conduct lectures for the public on occasions such as World Mental Health Week, World Elders’ Day and World Alzheimer’s Day since 2005.

Academic Activities

Continuing Medical Education

The faculty holds seminars, lectures and workshops on topics such as child mental health, depression, dementia and stress management under the Continuing Medical Education Programme of the Medical Research Society of the Holy Family Hospital. These CME sessions are attended by consultants of the hospital and other physicians practising in the hospital’s catchment area.

National Conferences

Our faculty attends national and international conferences on psychiatry and presents papers, chairs scientific sessions and conducts workshops for psychiatrists. Our department also organised GERON, the National Symposium of the Geriatric Specialty section of the Indian Psychiatric Society, in January 2006.

GERON 2010 , the 6th Annual Conference of the Indian Association for Geriatric Mental Health was organised in Mumbai. The Theme was Healthy Ageing: From Concept to Reality.

Special Services

The psychological profile of different age groups, the challenges they face and ability to adapt to them differ greatly. Our consultants and experts are trained to understand, assess, and use therapeutic intervention for individuals at various stages of life and offers a range of special services for Children and Elders.

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