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Special Services
Location: Ground Floor
Monday to Saturday
9 am – 4 pm
Consultant: Dr Niti Sapru
Tel:  022-62670379
By appointment only

Childhood is an especially stressful stage of life. It is also a vulnerable and impressionable period, leaving some children better adjusted while others use dysfunctional behaviour as coping mechanisms.

Children assessed and treated at the CAGC present a range of disturbances from being overly shy and timid, to being excessively irritable, distracted, always on the go, picking up fights with peers, overly rebellious, unable to relate to others, exhibiting poor social skills or experiencing problems with authority figures.

The CAGC also offers treatment for bed-wetting, temper tantrums, unexplained headaches, body aches or stomach aches, repeated hand-washing and counting, excessive dieting and deteriorating academic performance.

We also assess and evaluate children with learning disorders such as dyslexia. In this era of technology, the CAGC also offers its services to children and adolescents with Internet addiction issues.

Our aim is to promote mental health in children, adolescents and their families through early intervention by diagnosis and treatment. We thus bring hope by offering an understanding and providing the skills to improve the emotional and behavioral functioning of our patients and their families.

To achieve these objectives, our centre has a multi-disciplinary team of psychiatrists, psychologists and a social worker to evaluate and provide high-quality psycho-pharmacological and psycho-social treatment to children and adolescents with emotional and behavioral disorders.

Services Offered
Diagnostic Services : Psychiatric assessment, psychological evaluation, and intelligence, aptitude and personality testing.

Therapy Services : Counseling for emotional and behavioral problems; behavior therapy;
individual, group and family therapy; counseling for gender and sexual problems.

Vocational & Career Counseling : Apart from vocational and career counseling, the CAGC also does Learning Disability (Dyslexia) assessment.

Location: Ground Floor
Thursday and Saturday
1 pm  to 5 pm
Consultant: Dr Niti Sapru
Tel:  022-62670379
By appointment only

As if being an adolescent wasn’t enough! Yes, as times change, the rules of growing up and the workplace are constantly being rewritten, and the range of choices is often more than a little confusing.

Not surprisingly, a large number of teenagers find themselves at the crossroads – both academically and career-wise – with more questions than answers. Add to this peer and family pressure and some young adults can feel overwhelmed by the choices they need to make.

Our CAGC walks you and your family through these challenges so that you make choices that best suit you.

The CAGC offers the following tests for students aged 13 to 21:
Aptitude Test
Career Interest Inventory
Personality Test
Intelligence Test
Testing also available for children with Learning Disabilities
This is followed by a counselling session

Location: Ground Floor
Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays
9 am – 4 pm
Consultant: Dr Charles Pinto
Tel: 022-62670379
By appointment only

This Memory Disorders Clinic handles memory-related problems across age groups:
* In Children, leading to scholastic backwardness and learning problems.
* In Adolescents, leading to problems in academics and career.
* In Adults, leading to problems such as depression, anxiety and poor work performance.
* In Old Age, leading to problems such as age-related memory decline and dementia

A multi-disciplinary team of psychiatrist, psychologist and social worker provides a comprehensive assessment including neuropsychological evaluation and various drug and / or non-drug treatment strategies for memory problems.

Support Group : The hospital’s Memory Clinic along with the Mumbai branch of the Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders Society of India (ARDSI) also conducts support group meetings for carers of dementia patients. Meetings are held on the last Saturday of the month at 4 pm. Tel: 022-30610379.

Location : Ground floor
Once a month on a Saturday
Time – 12.00 noon - 1.00 p.m.
Consultant : Dr Niti Sapru
Tel : 022-62670379
By appointment only

It is observed that in today’s fast paced urban life, children tend to mature at an earlier age as compared to prior generations. Exposure to internet, TV and social media, the disappearance of joint families and parents who are busy with many roles has changed the manner in which children are nurtured. Well meaning, caring parents have little time and are entirely on their own to handle issues of pre-adolescent and adolescent children.

Issues such as those relating to emerging gender identity roles, career aspects and the expectations from society, gives rise to many behavioural and emotional problems that challenge the parents.

The Group interaction aims to be informative and reflective by learning to acknowledge the universality of the problems, how best to tackle this difficult period of growth for children, budding teenagers as well as parents.

Services Offered
Therapy Services : Monthly Group Therapy Session
Individual counseling for emotional and behavioural problems; behaviour therapy and counseling.