The hospital has a well-stocked in-house pharmacy that is available to patients only. Patients are advised to purchase medicines and other medical supplies from this pharmacy as it ensures that the drugs are not spurious. The pharmacy charges the MRP on all drugs and formulations as do other medical stores.

The pharmacy is located on the ground floor and is open 24x7.

  • Take the prescription written by the doctor / nurse to the pharmacy.
  • The pharmacy will generate a computerised bill.
  • Pay this bill at the bank / cash counter on the ground floor.
  • Hand over your receipt and collect your medicines at the pharmacy.

The nursing staff will not arrange for patients’ medicines.

If you prefer to amalgamate your bill for medicines with your hospital bill, you may deposit an additional sum to cover these costs.

Excess Drugs

On discharge, you may return unused medicines and supplies to the pharmacy and collect a refund. Only sealed products are accepted. After inspecting the medical products returned, the pharmacy will tender a credit note which must be produced at the bank / cash counter to collect your refund.

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