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Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

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Location: 3rd Floor
Available at all times

Holy Family Hospital, Mumbai, places special emphasis on Pastoral Care as a healing ministry. We envisage an approach whereby patients attain holistic wellbeing and experience harmony with the Creator, with the self, with one another and with the environment.

It is an established fact that healing is facilitated when the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of an individual work together in a holistic way towards a common goal. It has also been demonstrated that compassionate, patient and prayerful support brings about a powerful therapeutic and healing effect. Our Pastoral Care Department achieves these objectives through counselling and prayer to all our patients, regardless of community and creed.

This approach of our hospital is embodied in our motto ‘Health Is Harmony’, which expresses unity of the physical, psychological, spiritual and social faculties of all our patients. We hold that medicine and therapeutic cures be directed not only towards healing the sick but to the person as a whole.

The Pastoral Care Department commenced its ministry in June 1990 with the late Sr Celine as head of the department. It is staffed by a team of three people – a Catholic Priest who is the Ecclesiastical Advisor, a sister from the Ursulines of Mary Immaculate and a lay person trained and experienced in this ministry.

Our Pastoral Care team visits patients daily and inquires about their wellbeing, making them feel that they are loved and cared for. The staff spend time with patients and pray for them and with them according to their needs and wishes.

The team aims to provide psycho-social and spiritual support through counseling to patients as well as their families to help them cope with the stressful situations that confront them.

Members of this team are compassionate and good listeners, which makes it possible to build a rapport with patients and their relatives who often need support and encouragement.

They are first and foremost helpers who visit the sick, grieving, aged and dying, and by means of their compassionate presence, patient listening and spiritual support through prayer and the Sacraments, they bring about healing and comfort.

They offer hope in the face of great adversity and pain and help patients with grave illnesses face the future with courage. They offer special attention to the terminally ill, helping them to accept the inevitable with optimism, serenity and faith in the Creator.

Catholic patients are provided with the administration of the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Anointing of the Sick and emergency Baptism for newborn children. For Catholic patients who need spiritual blessings, the services of the priests of St Andrew’s Parish, under whose jurisdiction the hospital falls, are available at all times.

Eucharistic Celebration: Celebrated daily in the Chapel on the 2nd floor
Mon to Sat: 6.30 am
Sun: 8.30 am

Holy Communion is distributed on request of patients in the wards / rooms daily after Daily Mass. Kindly place your request with the Nurses’ Station.

Sacraments: The Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick and Last Rites in the case of terminally ill patients are administered on request by the Priests of St Andrew’s Church, Bandra.

Spiritual Music: Hymns, bhajans and instrumental music are played over the intercom system daily from 8 am to 10 am and 5 pm to 7 pm.

Priests: The priests from St Andrew's Church and St Peter’s Church, Bandra, and the Fathers from the Society of St Paul, Bandra, visit our patients on request.

The presence and service of the Pastoral Care team is greatly appreciated by our patients.

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