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Dr. Jitendra Jain MBBS, MD, DNB -
Dr. Dwarkadas Baheti MBBS, MD -

Pain is an important signal that something is wrong with a person. It is very significant in a patient with acute pain meaning that which is related to injury, trauma, infection or immediate post-surgery. Patients who suffer for more than three months after regular treatment, can be termed as having chronic pain. This kind of pain does not have a protective role, rather in some cases it might become the disease itself, like hypertension or diabetes.

Patients suffering from chronic pain due to back pain, slip disc, spondylosis, headache or post surgery pain might suffer from depression and stress disorders if the pain is not controlled in the early stages. This puts a mental burden on the patient and family, and drains them financially, if not taken care on time.

The Pain Management team at Holy Family Hospital is fully equipped to deal with various complicated chronic and acute pain conditions. Experts at Holy Family Hospital manage these conditions by Counseling, Pharmacotherapy (Medicines) and Interventional procedures (Non surgical treatments).

Common Chronic Pain Conditions
  • Back pain, Spondylosis, Slip disc, neck pain and post spine surgery pain:

    Patients having Slip disc, Spondylosis, Spondylolisthesis or Failed Back Surgery Syndrome meaning either back or leg pain with or without numbness or heaviness can be treated through pain management by non-surgical means either Transforaminal Steroid injection, or Facet Joint Radiofrequency ablation or Percutaneous Discectomy or Adhesiolysis treatment or Spinal cord stimulator depending on the patient.. It is for patients who are looking for alternative to surgery, or are not fit for surgery (old patients) or had surgery and still have problems of back and leg pain. These procedures benefit the patient to get back to rehabilitation immediately post treatment. The picture below shows treatment for Slip disc in the form of Transforaminal injection and the X-ray showing Facet joint block for Back pain.

  • Myfascial pain (Muscle pain)

    Muscle pains can be present in the back or neck, spondylosis or as persistent pain after surgery. Simple treatment like Trigger or Tender Point Procedure can be of immense help to such patients who are suffering for years together. Once the pain decreases exercising becomes easy and the recovery time is decreased.

  • Cancer Pain

    Cancer patients suffer chronic pain due to disease, sometimes surgery, chemotherapy or radiation. Patients who are terminally ill are the worst affected. Pain management helps them improve their quality of life by giving pain relief and helping them cope with the ongoing disease by Medication, Counseling, Advanced Neurolysis of Celiac or Superior Hypogastric Area or Radiofrequency ablation or Intrathecal pump. Picture below shows Celiac plexus block for cancer of Liver, Stomach or Pancreas.

  • Nerve pain, Neuralgia or Neuropathy pain(Post herpetic neuralgia, Trigeminal neuralgia)

    Most patients either tire of medications or are suffering from side effects to the medication. Patients having nerve pain either because of infection or trauma or tumor can be treated by Nerve Block, Radiofrequency Ablation or Spinal Cord Stimulator. These are simple procedures but give pronounced treatment benefits to the patient.

  • Headache which is specially resistant

    Patients who have acute attacks or chronically suffer from headache, inspite of medication or are troubled by side effects can benefit from Pain Management by opting for Nerve Blocks, Radiofrequency Ablation or Peripheral Nerve Stimulators

  • Vascular pain (Ischaemic pain related to decreased blood supply to any part of the body)

    Conditions related to Diabetes, Atherosclerosis or smoking cause decreased blood supply to hand or leg. A Pain Management Specialist can alleviate the pain through use of Sympathetic Block or Stellate Block or even Spinal Cord Stimulator.

  • Any pain persisting for more than 3 months after regular treatments

    Conditions like pelvic pain, chronic pancreatitis or abdomen pain, bladder pain or any pain not responding to regular treatments might have an answer by our Pain Specialist. Picture (X-ray) below shows Spinal Cord Stimulator insertedt in a patient with resistant pain conditions (post spine surgery or nerve damage pain) where all other treatments have failed.

    Treatment Philosophy

    Pain Physicians at Holy Family Hospital are experts in dealing with abovementioned conditions. Initially patients are treated with rest and medication. If patient does not respond then interventional procedures as mentioned above are offered. If still the patient does not respond then surgical options are available. Interestingly, if patient does not respond to surgery then Advance Pain treatments could be offered to these patients.

    Most of the abovementioned procedures for various chronic pain conditions are simple, day care, uncomplicated treatments to improve the quality of life. These procedures are done under local anaesthesia. A needle is used to reach the target area (not acupuncture). Once reached, the use of either local anaesthetic or steroid or radiofrequency ablation or catheter or neurolysis or spinal cord stimulator or implantable pump to decrease the pain of the patient. In most cases, patients are discharged the same day and from the next day can freely move and rehabilitate him / herself.

    The advantages are
    • Most procedures do not need any special preparation.
    • There is no skin incision.
    • No general anaesthetic.
    • Short duration of a day stay.
    • Minimal post treatment side effects.
    • Almost immediate post-procedure recovery with minimal restrictions after procedure.
    • Patient ready for rehabilitation the next day.
    • Some Procedures can be easily repeated with almost similar results.

Give Your Self Freedom From Pain And Improve Your Quality of Life.

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