Paediatrics Overview


Paediatrics Overview

Paediatrics Overview

Paediatrician Day Day Room Extension No.
Dr. Deepak P. Tirthani Tue 1330 - 1530 15 -
Sat 0830 - 1030 15 -
Dr. Rajaram D. Khare Wed 1230 - 1430 15 -
Dr. Sanjay Sharma Wed 0830 - 1030 15 -
Fri 1330 - 1530 15 -
Dr. Prajakta Joshi Mon 0830 - 1030 - -
Sat 1100 - 1300 - -
Dr. Abdul Azeem Khan Tue 0830 - 1030 - -
Fri 1030 - 1230 - -
Paediatric Opthalmology
Paediatrician Day Day Room Extension No.
Dr. Vidhan Doshi Thu 1200 - 1330 - -
Dr. Vineeti Dalal Wed & Fri 0830 - 1030 - -
Paediatric Surgery
Paediatrician Day Day Room Extension No.
Dr. Nishat S. Nanavati Thur 0830 - 1030 12 421
Dr. Bhalchandra Jayakar Mon 1030 - 1230 13 422
Dr. Jui Mandke Wed 1330 - 1530 - -
Paediatric Lactation
Paediatrician Day Day Room Extension No.
Dr. Mugdha Tanmay Joshi Fri 1200 – 1400 - -

From resuscitating babies weighing as little as 700 grams to breathing life back into extremely rare cases of pre-term neonates, our Department of Paediatrics performs tiny miracles that test the limits of modern medicine 24x7, every single day.

No case is too challenging for our highly specialised team of paediatric and surgical specialists, who blend modern medicine with human expertise to make our success rate one of the best in Mumbai.

Our Department of Paediatrics consists of two divisions

General Paediatrics: This includes the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) and Paediatric Ward. Children are admitted through OPD referrals / Emergency. RMOs, intensivists and doctors are available for quick action.

Neonatal Care: Our hospital offers excellent neonatal care in Mumbai including many emergency and specialised services. More

Paediatric Ward

Our department has a 20-bed Paediatric Ward on the second floor, which is equipped to manage paediatric medical, surgical, orthopaedic and other patients. We treat routine cases ranging from malaria enteric fever and meningitis to complicated cases such as Kawasaki’s disease and congestive cardiac failure.

Bright, airy and child-friendly, this ward provides a soothing ambience that hastens a child’s recovery. HFH boasts of an excellent play area, which is well-stocked with toys and other recreational aids to relieve the stress of hospitalisation on our children.

Paediatric Intensive Care

Advances in paediatric medicine, especially paediatric intensive care, have dramatically improved the prognosis of critically ill children. Conditions that were once fatal are now treatable and show substantial improvement.

Many of our little miracles take place in our PICU and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), which routinely give critically ill infants and children a second chance at life.


Our PICU was set up in 2007. It is equipped with 4 beds, 2 ventilators, and other ICU equipment such as Non-Invasive Blood Pressure (NIBP) monitoring devices, infusion pumps and pulse oximeters. Our PICU is also supported by specially trained ancillary nursing staff.

It is thus fully equipped to manage all types of complicated conditions such as status epilepticus, severe asthma, meningitis as well as critical post-operative paediatric surgery patients.


Our NICU is an excellent facility equipped with 14 beds and 4 ventilators. It provides Level 2 & Level 3 neonatal intensive care. This facility thus provides a back-up to the Department of Obstetrics so that our obstetricians can safely deliver high-risk babies at our hospital.

Our NICU is complimented by a specialised team of senior paediatric consultant surgeons, paediatric opthalmologists, paediatric haemotologists paediatric neurologist, paediatric nephrologists and paediatric cardio-vascular surgeon. Our efficient ancillary nursing staff also contributes to our enviable success rate.

Our successful prognosis is thanks to our allied ancilliaries all under one roof like in-house diagnostic facilities namely CT scans, ultrasound equipment, portable x-ray machines and a fully-automated Pathology Department.

DNB Students

Our hospital also conducts DNB classes for paediatric resident staff. Classes are taken by our senior paediatric consultants. We also have journal clubs and Grand Rounds so that every paediatric RMO is academically at the cutting edge of his / her specialty just as he / she is in practical paediatric work.

Our post-graduate teachers are highly qualified and among the senior-most in their specialty in Mumbai. They take time out of their busy schedules to make sure our DNB students – and an ailing baby’s family – have no questions unanswered.