Obsgyn Surgery


Obsgyn Surgery

Obsgyn Surgery

Holy Family’s Obstetric & Gynaecologic Surgery department is fully equipped and extremely well-experienced. Being a department of a well recognized tertiary hospital, the Obsgyn Surgery department handles in-patients as well as emergency and referral cases from other hospitals. With facilities like the NICU and a well stocked blood bank – HFH is fully departmentalized and equipped with the service capabilities needed to support certified Medical Specialists.


Our department is adept in treating bad obstetric histories ie patients with recurring problems like multiple miscarriages. The department also runs a pregnancy clinic that specializes in treating high risk pregnancies through early diagnosis and specialized treatment. Run in conjunction with a well equipped neonatal unit, this department is fully equipped to handle any obstetric complication.

For the past 20 years, the surgical obstetrics department has maintained a history of painless deliveries with continuous epidurals. With a renowned anesthesiologist’s service available 24 hours and on demand, deliveries need not be difficult and uncomfortable; mother’s can now appreciate the bliss of childbirth, without the agony.

Added comfort is introduced in the form of comfortable and well furnished ante natal waiting rooms; with the option of staying in an AC or non-AC room. Monitoring equipment includes state of the art foetal monitors for continuous monitoring and portable ultrasound as well. Time is of crucial importance where emergency deliveries and complications are concerned; so having a 24 hour OT is beneficial.

Being part of a tertiary hospital provides access to emergency solutions like a full fledged blood bank where emergency blood products can be made available at short notice. To add to this Holy Family Hospital, Mumbai, has a long and fine tradition of caring for infants Most of these cases are emergency or critical cases, which are expertly handled by our senior neonatologists and paediatric surgeons, who make for a superior success rate in Neonatology in Mumbai.

A Post–natal programme to assist young mothers who experience some post delivery problems are also undertaken once a week, with a focus on breast feeding .


Holy Family’s extremely professional surgical gynaecology team is supported by top conventional and endoscopic surgery consultants, high-end equipment and 3 OTs reserved only for gynecological surgery. Completing 8-10 major endoscopic procedures a week, this endoscopic unit is one of the first and best in the Western suburbs.

Advanced endoscopic procedures are aided by a Hi-Def 3 chip camera, an RGB monitor, top of the line insufferator, morcelator and cautery machine. This morcelator is a state of the art Rota Cut machine with enables the quick removal of gigantic tumours; making the department capable of handling tumours as large as 18 kilos in weight. The department is also equipped with a state of the art video colposcope to monitor the cervix. And every patient who has endoscopic surgery receives a video copy of the surgery.

Gynecological Oncology is supported by well known Oncology surgeons working in tandem with the Gynaec department.

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