In simple words, mammography is an X-ray image of the breast. It is used for early detection of breast cancer in women who have not developed any signs of breast cancer. It is also done in patients with symptoms of breast cancer like lump in breast.

It is a very common imaging technique and is done by a device that consists of two firm surfaces, which compress and spreads out the breast. Then the breast images are captured from two different angles in black and white color and displayed on the monitor for the doctor to examine any abnormalities. The set of pictures captured for each breast is known as Mammogram. The test plays a very important role in diagnosing breast cancers at an early stage and hence, reducing the number of death due to breast cancers. It is also helpful in examining any abnormal lumps or growths in the breast tissue.

The Mammography technology is generally used either for diagnosis or screening purpose in the evaluation of a breast lump

Diagnostic Mammography: This is done to identify any skeptical changes occurring in the breast e.g. breast lump, breast pain, unusual skin appearance, thick nipples or discharge in nipples. Diagnostic mammogram comprises of additional mammogram images.

Screening Mammography: His is used to examine changes in the breast of a woman who do not have any signs or symptoms of breast cancer. The focus is to diagnose a cancerous growth before the clinical signs or symptoms start (early diagnosis).

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