ENT Overview



ENT Overview

Our stories of triumph are a testament to the spirit of our patients and the expertise of our renowned ENT specialists, who constantly innovate while raising the bar in their areas of speciality.

Modern medicine also relies heavily on sophisticated equipment that has reduced the treatment of complex ailments to routine procedures today. Technology has thus helped demystify the disease process, reduced the invasiveness of treatment procedures and considerably shortened the recovery period.

Hence, where complicated laryngeal surgery or surgery for a perforated eardrum would involve days of post-op recovery in hospital, these procedures are now undertaken on a day-care basis.

At Holy Family Hospital, Mumbai, advanced micro-ear surgery has proved extremely effective in the treatment of hearing loss when damage to the middle ear is involved. Endoscopic sinus surgery has brought permanent relief to patients with chronic rhinosinusitis and blocked noses, which impair normal breathing.

Physician Speciality Profile
Dr. Jarvis Pereira MBBS, MS ENT View
Dr. Chris E. de Souza (DORL, MS (ENT), DNB (ENT), FACS, FRCS View
Dr. Adip K Shetty MBBS, MS ENT F.A.G.E View
Dr. Vishal N Tyagi MBBS, MS ENT View
Dr. Ashish Castellino MBBS, DNB, MNAMS, FIO View
Advanced Procedures
  • We are one of the few ENT departments in Mumbai that specialises in rare procedures such as surgery for acoustic neuromas, meningiomas, and glomus tumours or cancers of the ear.
  • TORPs and PORPs Surgery for hearing loss
  • Teflon implants to treat otosclerosis
  • Lasers for ear, nose and throat disorders
  • Micro-ear surgery for deafness, cholesteatoma, facial nerve paralysis
  • Endoscopic sinus surgery
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Micro-laryngeal surgeries for voice disorders
  • Advanced head and neck cancer surgery
Laser Surgery

Lasers play a crucial role in ENT treatment procedures. We routinely use lasers to remove tumours of the mouth, oral cavity and air passages, reducing pain and morbidity. Lasers are also used to remove cancers to the cheek and air passages.

Implantable Devices

Our reputed ENT surgeons work closely with our Department of Audiology and Speech Therapy to restore hearing to individuals who need implantable hearing devices. These devices, required in cases of severe and profound hearing loss, are surgically implanted by our ENT surgeons while rehabilitation is undertaken by our audiologists. More

We also have a comprehensive Cochlear Implant Programme, which is the best hope for patients who suffer from profound hearing loss in both ears. Infants born deaf are the greatest beneficiaries of this device. A vast array of cochlear implants is now available and our ENT Department has the expertise to surgically implant any of these devices.

Emergency Procedures

All emergency procedures are carried out with the best possible equipment in a timely manner. These include foreign bodies stuck in the food passage (the oesophagus) or the airways (in the lung).

Nasal bleeds, facial trauma, cuts and bruises on the face, head and neck are also easily treated by us.In addition to surgical expertise, many ENT problems are also managed appropriately either on an OPD basis or if the situation so warrants, on an in-patient basis. These may vary from a serious infection to problems such as nose bleeds, giddiness and sudden serious hearing losses.

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