Cochlear Implant


Cochlear Implant

Cochlear Implant

Cochlear implants represent the single biggest leap in technology where the sense of hearing is restored by a bionic solution. This term implies an external artificial device which restores normal biological function of the sense of hearing. The ENT surgeon is extremely fortunate to be at the center of this revolution.

Children who are born deaf can now have their hearing restored by timely insertion of a cochlear implant into the organ for hearing, the cochlear. Children need to have the device implanted before the age of 4. The reason for this is that the center for hearing and language development in the brain shrinks after the age of 4. Therefore it is important to do this at the very earliest. Most children who are born deaf and have a cochlear implant inserted can soon attend school. This itself represents a revolution compared to the past where these children were isolated. When children with impaired hearing, have cochlear implants inserted in both ears the results are even more spectacular.

Can adults also benefit from cochlear implants? Yes they can.

Adults usually have acquired speech and language skills and so rehabilitation of such adults is much easier. Cochlear Implants can be inserted in those adults who are deaf on one side.

Therefore cochlear implants benefit both children and adults.

Cochlear Implants are usually available in expensive corporate hospitals. Holy Family Hospital offer cochlear implants and other listening devices to patients who have hearing disabilities with a long list of services available for patients. State of the art audiological facilities are available for diagnosing persons suffering from all kinds of hearing disabilities.

Holy Family Hospital is proud to announce a Hearing Disability Clinic for the diagnosis, evaluation and management of all hearing problems.Expert doctors with extensive experience are available for this purpose. State of the art operating room facilities, the latest radiological facilities are also available. In addition the latest revolutionary cochlear implant technology is also available. All kinds of implantable hearing devices are available.This is directed to persons of all ages for the entire community whom Holy Family Hospital is happy and proud to serve.

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