Advanced Procedures


Advanced Procedures

Advanced Procedures


Otology is the branch of medicine that covers the anatomy and functioning of the ear. Listed below are some of the complex conditions we address.

Bat Ears

Disorders of the shape of the ear, commonly referred to as ‘bat ears’, are easily corrected.

Holes or perforations of the eardrum are also routinely treated. This surgery has been simplified to a day-care procedure. This means patients treated surgically for this condition are discharged within a couple of hours after surgery. All they walk out with is a simple bandage placed over the ear.

TORPs and PORPs Surgery

Damage to the ‘ossicles’, or bones of the ear, results in hearing impairment . Using the very latest TORPS (Total Ossicle Replacement Prosthesis) and PORPS (Partial Ossicle Replacement Prosthesis), titanium or ceramic implants are able to replace these bones and completely reverse total hearing loss.

Modern technology has reduced this surgery to a day-care procedure. Surgery is carried out using the gold benchmark, the Zeiss (Germany) microscope.


Once the scourge of North-Western India, otosclerosis is a condition characterised by abnormal bone growth in the middle ear. Using microscopes with extremely powerful magnification, surgeons can perform surgeries such as stapedectomies to remove the abnormal bone and replace it with one made from Teflon. Our ENT specialists routinely perform this precision surgery.


Once a dreaded cause of brain infections, cholesteatoma is a disease characterised by abnormal skin growth in the middle ear. Patients experience a continuous discharge of pus from the ear as well as hearing loss. If left untreated, this condition could lead to serious brain infection and even result in death.

Treatment consists of surgically removing the abnormal skin, re-sculpting the ear bone, and repairing the damaged ossicles and eardrum. This is a complex surgery and our ENT Department has an excellent track record in correcting this condition.

Cancer of the ear bone

This is a rare disease but we offer patients hope and relief. Surgery for this disorder is complex and not many ENT surgeons in Mumbai are qualified to perform this procedure.

We also treat tumours of the ear that protrude into the brain. Collaborating with our neurosurgical colleagues, our ENT specialists expertly treat acoustic neuromas, meningiomas, and glomus tumours. Our results are at par with all major institutes and hospitals across the country.

Facial Nerve

Preservation of the facial nerve and its functions is also a specialty of our ENT Department.

Cochlear Implant

Our ENT specialists work with our Department of Audiology to offer a comprehensive Cochlear Implant Programme.

Surgery includes implantable electronic hearing devices such as Bone Anchored Hearing Aids (BAHA), vibrant soundbridge, Envoy Esteem and Ototronics MAXUM hearing devices.


Our ENT Department evaluates and treats the entire spectrum of disorders of the nose and sinuses. We correct all nasal deformities and corrections of deviated nasal septa are standard procedure.

While conducting endoscopic sinus surgery, our ENT specialists use the best endoscopes, equipment from Karl Storz (Germany) and high-end 3-chip endoscope cameras.

We also undertake pituitary removal surgery, repair of brain fluid (cerebrospinal fluid), decompression of the optic nerve and orbital decompression. These advanced procedures leave no ugly scars and surgery is minimally invasive.

Decompression of the tear sacs is performed endoscopically and on a day-care basis. Treatment for cancer of the nose and para-nasal sinuses is also available. Our ENT Department is fully equipped to perform surgeries such as fromtoethmoidectomies, which require additional expertise. We also perform a large number of rhinoplasties or cosmetic surgeries on the nose.


Laryngology is the branch of ENT medicine which deals with disorders of the throat and airways. Tonsil and adenoid removal are commonplace – and our complications rate is near zero.

Removal of cysts, tumours, webs are expertly done, thus restoring a patient’s voice to normalcy. Expert speech therapy is offered in the post-operative period, reducing recurrence to near-zero.

Our ENT Department offers excellent results in the treatment of cancer of the larynx. Conservative voice-preservation treatment is offered. Our advanced laser procedures spare patients from potentially mutilating surgery.

Head and Neck Surgery

Thyroid surgeries are performed routinely and with an extremely low rate of complications. Because of its excellent reputation, the number of head and neck surgeries has increased dramatically over the years.

Surgery for thyroid goiter as well as cancer of the thyroid is performed frequently, reducing hospital stay to just days.

Parathyroid surgery is also routinely performed by us. Thanks to advances in medicine and technology, there has been an increase in the number of parathyroid adenomas detected and surgically treated.

Also, benign (non cancerous) as well as cancerous swellings, tumours and diseases are all treated by us with excellent results.

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