Day Care


Day Care

Day Care

How To Reach Us

Location: Ground Floor (Room No G-27)
Timings: Daily / 8 am to 4 pm
Phone: 022-62670457

Advances in medical science and technology have reduced complex surgeries to mere day-care procedures. These advancements include the use of high-end equipment for procedures such as arthroscopy, laproscopy, laser surgery and endoscopy. As a result, many patients who would earlier require admission as in-patients are now treated on a day-care basis.

Among others who use our Day Care facility are cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and patients who undergo minor surgery such as cataract surgery and biopsies.

Patients in need of emergency care are sometimes temporarily admitted to this facility before admission as in-patients due to non-availability of beds.

Patient Facilities

Our Day Care Facility is a six-bed unit staffed by two dedicated nurses and supported by our Emergency staff. Each patient is under the care of a Resident Medical Officer, depending on his / her consulting physician’s specialty.

Since this is not a treatment facility per se, our Day Care Unit is equipped with basic facilities. Each bed has a dedicated oxygen supply and suction facility. Other equipment includes an emergency trolley, wheelchair, physical examination tray, dressings, X-ray vision box, IV stand and a refrigerator to store medicines.

The unit also has an attached toilet for patients and visitors. Meals are provided to patients according to their requirements.

Out-Patient Services

Except for emergency cases, all other patients who require admission to our Day Care Unit need to book their beds in advance. This is especially applicable to patients who undergo day-care procedures and have appointments with our consultants.

Conversely, should you or your consultant reschedule your appointment, remember to cancel your booking immediately. Adequate planning helps us streamline our functioning and ensures timely care for everyone.


Though our Day Care unit is generally open from 8 am to 4 pm, the facility is available to patients who may need to use it outside these working hours. This is done on a case-to-case basis and only on the advice of our consultants and / or Emergency staff.


It is advisable for every patient to be accompanied by a relative or attendant. We allow only one attendant per patient.

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