Name Speciality -
Dr. Brian Pinto Cardiologist View
Dr. Robin Pinto Cardiologist -
Dr. Jaipal P Jadwani Cardiologist -
Dr. Yash Lokhandwala Cardiologist View
Dr. Anand Rao Cardiologist View
Dr Bhupen Desai Cardiologist -
Dr. Kaustubh Vaidya Cardiologist View
Dr Nitin Gokhale Cardiologist -
Dr. Akshay Mehta Cardiologist View
Dr. Ravikant Bhat Cardiologist View
Dr. Bhavesh Vajifdar Cardiologist View
Dr Dinesh Parikh Cardiologist -
Dr Bharat Dalvi Cardiologist -
Dr. Ravi Bhatnagar Cardiac Surgeon View
Dr. Sandeep Honnekeri Cardiac Surgeon View
Dr. Sudhansu Bhattacharya Cardiac Surgeon -
Dr. Anil Tendolkar Cardiac Surgeon View
Dr. Shantesh Kaushik Cardiac Surgeon View
Dr. Suresh Joshi Cardiac Surgeon View
Dr. Sanjeev Y Vichare Cardiac Surgeon View
Dr. Aniruddh Trivedi Cardiac Surgeon -
Dr. Kamales Kumar Saha Cardiac Surgeon View
Dr. Krishna Prasad Imiriya Cardiac Surgeon -
Dr. Nitin P Gundre Cardiac Surgeon -
Dr. Omprakash Jaiswal Cardiac Surgeon -
Dr. Pankaj Patel Cardiovascular Surgeon -
Dr. Ameya Udyavar Cardiologist - Electrophysiologist -
Dr. Amit Vora Cardiologist - Electrophysiologist -

With just a few Hybrid Cath Lab / OR Suite installed in hospitals around the world, Holy Family Hospital's Heart Institute is privileged to have installed the first of its’ kind in Mumbai and the third in India.

Here, cardiologists and cardiac surgeons work together as cardiac catheterization, as well as cardiac surgery can be performed in the same OT.

With state of the art equipment and highly trained, veteran experts (including a Paediatric Cardiology sub-department) available round the clock, this is one of the best heart care facilities in the city.