Baby Care


Baby Care

Baby Care & Vaccinations Overview

The joy of cuddling your newborn baby girl or boy for the very first time and looking down with a heart bursting with love, you vow to protect this little bundle of joy.

Protection comes in many forms - one of which is HEALTH PROTECTION and VACCINATION is the best way forward to protect your newborn against various diseases.

Vaccination stimulates our immune system to produce the right antibodies to fight against life threatening diseases like polio, tetanus, diphtheria, whooping cough etc. Thanks to vaccination programmes, we have managed to completely eradicate smallpox and recently even polio. Other dreaded diseases like Rota virus/diarrhea, Meningitis and Typhoid have drastically reduced in our community due to regular vaccinations.

Holy Family Hospital is synonymous with Community. Our Mission Statement is “dedicated to providing excellence in patient care and treatment and to serve the needs of the community, irrespective of caste, creed or economic status”. HFH is and always has been community oriented and keeping “our community” in mind we are happy to announce our STAR BABY campaign.

STAR BABY is a vaccination programme from birth to year 1 that gives your baby a head start in health protection. It has been designed to give complete immunization and includes consultations with our HFH doctors for close monitoring of your baby’s growth and development. The package offers a priority service (no more queues). You not only will be saving on highly priced vaccines, but will have the special service of it being administered by skilled and experienced paediatricians. We encourage you to choose from one of the three different packages - Amber, Emerald or Lavender.