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Holy Family Hospital, Mumbai, has served the healthcare needs of Mumbai’s vast suburbs since the early 1950s. We are committed to quality care and adopt a humane approach that establishes a relationship with every patient in our care.

Our mission also extends to the community at large. Our community outreach programmes, out-patient services and patient education programmes, fulfil this need. However, we also believe that by building a personal rapport with every patient , we strengthen our bond with the community we serve.

Administered by The Bandra Holy Family Hospital Society, Holy Family Hospital, Mumbai, is a 268-bed public charitable, trust-run hospital and a centre of medical excellence today. Yes, we have come a long way since our humble beginnings.

Our hospital has its roots in a 10-bed private nursing home that catered to suburban Bandra in 1942. Over the decades, this nursing home was converted into a general hospital for the community, first administered by the Medical Mission Sisters and then by the Congregation of the Ursuline Sisters of Mary Immaculate.

With the passage of time, innovations in medicine and a burgeoning population brought about an evolution that transformed the institution into a multi-specialty hospital that has also nurtured a strong research and academic tradition.

However, we have never lost sight of our original mission – to serve the needs of a multi-layered community that once had little access to quality healthcare. Just as illness is blind to social and economic considerations, we believe that affordable healthcare is a basic right of everyone.

Our reputation and accolades notwithstanding, we always place special emphasis on the patient behind the disease. Guided by a spiritual mission, we believe that a patient-centric approach is as important to healing as is state-of-the-art diagnostic & therapeutic intervention.

It is with this unwavering commitment that our doctors, nurses and other staff meet the complex medical needs of 15,000 in-patients and 80,000 outpatients every year.

Constantly raising the bar, we achieved significant milestones in 2002 when we inaugurated the Holy Family Heart Institute and in 2010 with the Hybrid CathLab. With its cutting edge cardiac catheterisation laboratory, MRI, Cardiac CT Scan, CT Scan and other medical facilities, the hospital is a pioneer in cardiac diagnostics, treatment and research.

Holy Family Hospital, Mumbai, also has a strong research and teaching culture. Setting the tone for this fine tradition is The Bandra Holy Family Medical Research Society, which was set up in 1987.

While spearheading basic research, clinical drug trials and engaging in Continuing Medical Education, the Medical Research Centre contributes to the efficient delivery of clinical diagnostics, treatment and patient care within the latest guidelines and evidence-based medicine. It also enhances the quality of teaching available to post-graduate students at the hospital.

To further its research and teaching objectives, the hospital also runs institutions, divisions and courses that include a post-graduate degree course for DNB resident medical officers, Continuing Medical Education programme for doctors, Nursing Institute and Patient Education Programme.

It is with this multi-dimensional approach and unique blend of medicine and personalised care that we constantly strive to safeguard the health and well-being of the diverse communities that we serve.