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What It Is : Spinal decompression therapy, or traction, is recommended for the treatment of discogenic pain or pain that arises out of prolapsed (out of place) discs that separate the vertebrae.

This therapy is thus used to treat cervical and lumbar spondylosis that is coupled with radiating pain. Discomfort and pain arise when the discs degenerate or slip out of place (‘slipped disc’), putting pressure on the nerves that pass through the spinal column.

Patients are advised to follow the home exercise programme provided by the physiotherapist as this facilitates further healing.

For Whom :
Traction is effective in the treatment of:
Bulging, prolapsed, or herniated discs
Spinal stenosis
Sciatica (lower back pain)
Facet syndrome
Degenerative disc disease
Neck pain
Pain radiating down the arm
’Pinched nerves’