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Heat Therapy
Heat is an excellent healer and we offer a broad range of heat therapies, both superficial and deep heat. The type of treatment depends on the nature of injury / pain and the patient’s profile.

1. Short-Wave Diathermy (SWD)
Short-Wave Diathermy (SWD) is the treatment of choice for a variety of aches and pains. It is extremely effective and easy to administer and is used for many patients.

What It Is : SWD is a form of Electrotherapy that is a type of Deep-Heat Therapy. It uses an electromagnetic field to stimulate healing in soft body tissues located deep beneath the skin.

For Whom? : SWD is most suitable to relieve pain due to spondylosis of the neck, lower back & shoulder; arthritic pain in the hip & knee; sports injuries; postural pain relief; to relieve ergonomic stress.

Best Results : SWD is most successful and yields long-term results when combined with Exercise Therapy. This component is usually introduced mid-way through the physiotherapy sessions, that is, once the patient experiences a certain degree of pain relief and is ready to take rehabilitative therapy to the next level.

2. Ultrasound Therapy
This is another form of Deep-Heat Therapy that is frequently sought by patients. Ultrasound like SWD works by generating heat in the body and healing. Smaller areas of intense pain benefit from this treatment.

What It Is : It works on the principle of ultrasound waves and is used to treat a localised area of the body.

For Whom : Ultrasound Therapy is effective for patients with sprains, tennis elbow, ligament injuries, calcaneal spurs and the like.

3. Moist Heat
Widely used in the West, Moist Heat is administered by us as an alternative to Short-Wave Diathermy. This is a good substitute for patients, such as Alzheimer’s patients or for those with a sensory impairment, who are unable to report the sensation of heat produced during SWD.

What It Is : This type of conductive heat treatment relaxes tense muscles by causing the tissues to relax. It also dilates the blood vessels and improves circulation in the targeted area. Heat packs are used to relieve muscle strains & spasms or arthritic pain.

4. Paraffin Wax Bath (PWB)
This treatment works on the principle of conductive heat, where melted and temperature-controlled paraffin wax is used to cover the target area to form a waxy mould or covering. It is used to heat small, uneven surfaces of the body such as distal joints, which are not amenable to SWD or Ultrasound. The heat thus generated remains trapped in the mould to bring relief and aid healing.

For Whom : PWB is used to treat stiffness and pain in small joints in the extremities (hands and feet) and is effective in treating arthritis and post-fracture injuries.