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Exercise Therapy - Manipulative Therapy - Success Story
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The Facts
Unlike earlier, muscle and ligament pain is commonly diagnosed in young people, often due to sedentary work patterns, faulty posture and muscle strains. A 25-year-old female came to us with pain in her neck radiating to her right shoulder. The pain had persisted for around eight years.

The patient’s clinical revealed that she had undergone physiotherapy in the form of heat treatment and exercise therapy at the onset of the pain. However, with no let-up, she also opted for a steroid injection to relieve the pain.

Although her pain would subside for a while, it would return, often causing her a great deal of discomfort.

The Diagnosis : After a detailed examination of the affected area, we it was noticed that the pain would increase with certain movements of the neck, particularly when the patient tilted her head backwards.

Either due to a muscle pull or incorrect posture, a ligament in the patient’s neck had slipped out of alignment and needed to be delicately manipulated to restore its original alignment.

The Therapy : Using Cervical Manipulative Therapy, which gently massaged the ligament back to place, the patient experienced 50-per cent reduction in pain after just three repetitions.

The patient was also taught stability exercises for her neck and advised to visit us the next day. After three sessions of therapy, she was pain-free!

The Analysis : Although the patient had undergone heat therapy and exercise therapy earlier, these treatments had brought temporary relief, at best. They had not addressed the root of the problem ie, a positional fault of a ligament of the cervical spine, leading to faulty alignment.

Manipulative Therapy realigned the structures, leading to stability of the neck. It must be noted that exercise therapy after manipulation is a must for long-term results.