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Exercise Therapy - Stroke Therapy
According to popular perception, physical rehabilitation for a stroke victim begins and ends with getting him / her ‘back on their feet’. Our department takes therapy to the next level and envisages complete rehabilitation of stroke victims / hemiplegics / paralytics.

We offer a comprehensive rehabilitation plan that restores patients to their normal or near-normal level of functioning. In other words, we go beyond helping patients become ambulatory and return them to a level of functional efficiency.

Hence, rehabilitation puts patients back on their feet while also focusing on quality of life.

Our Approach : Again, contrary to popular belief that once the ‘limbs are strengthened, the patient will learn to walk again’, our approach focuses on the abdominal muscles, which hold the key to rehabilitation. If the body lacks abdominal strength, it cannot move correctly, affecting mobility, balance and even simple motor functions such as reaching out for a glass of water.

Strengthening the abdominal muscles with special exercises stabilises the scapula and pelvis and allows the limbs to move freely and functionally in the way they are meant to.

This is where stroke rehabilitation therapy begins.

How Much Improvement? : We have produced phenomenal results using our unique approach. However, the extent of rehabilitation depends on the type and extent of damage to the brain, which differs from patient to patient. The patient’s ability to comprehend is also critical to recovery as is the mindset of the patient’s family.