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Exercise Therapy - Manual Therapy

What It Is : We have achieved excellent results using Manual Therapy for pain management and joint mobilisation. This type of therapy is a hands-on way of realigning bones, muscles and soft tissues to relieve pain as well as increase joint mobility. In the latter case, this therapy restores functional activities by addressing joint dysfunction and correcting positional faults.

With growing awareness, Manual Therapy is increasingly becoming a popular alternative to conventional treatments and can address a wide range of problems.

At the heart of this treatment method is an intimate understanding of the structure and functions of the body's musculature and joints. Many types of joint-related problems as well as aches and pains arise when joints, muscles and soft tissues such as ligaments are out of their natural alignment.

Manual Therapy, restores these structures to their natural alignment. It mobilises stiff joints, increases the range of motion, reduces inflammation, hastens tissue repair, facilitates extensibility and brings about balance and stability in patients. In other words, this therapy aligns body structures to improve the respective functions they perform.

Unlike Heat Therapy, which is a passive method of pain relief, Manual Therapy gets to the root cause of the problem and requires the patient to be an active participant to yield successful results.

To prevent recurrence of the problem, Manual Therapy is combined with Exercise Therapy to strengthen muscles after they are realigned.

For Whom : We have found this therapy especially effective in the treatment of positional faults, post-traumatic stiffness of joints and ligament injuries. As a pain-relieving therapy, it eases back pain, neck pain, joint pain, arthritic pain (this is only temporarily as arthritis is a degenerative condition), sciatica and other related problems.

Benefits : Among the many benefits of Manual Therapy are:

  • Quick relief (often in the first session)
  • Teachability and continuation of sessions at home
  • Fewer sessions and faster recovery

Manual Therapy is also effective in cases of chronic pain and joint stiffness that have persisted for years. In cases where the pain relates to positional faults, we have found that this type of therapy can bring results in just days.

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