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Exercise Therapy
What It Is : Exercise therapy constitutes a large share of our patients, with our team of eight highly experienced physiotherapists attending to in-patients in the wards and ICUs / NICU and out-patients in our department.

The range of exercises available is broad and the type of therapy used depends on the problem presented. Exercise therapy is, however, customised according to the patients’ unique abilities, strengths and limitations.

Our understanding of the human body and how it works is constantly evolving and global trends in physical rehabilitation throw up new techniques from time to time. We thus make it a point to keep expanding our repertoire so that we achieve the best possible results with each patient.

Our physical therapy for stroke patients, for instance, yields enviable results. Likewise, we excel in acute and chronic pain management, results we have been able to achieve by employing techniques such as Manual Therapy. All our staff are trained in manual therapy. We also have staff who are Certified Mulligan Practitioners, which is an internationally recognized certification in manual therapy.

Our overall success is also attributed to our attention to detail, meticulous approach to each case and the depth and breadth of experience we have.

Before therapy begins, patients are assessed thoroughly and a customised exercise plan is prepared. Our physiotherapists are trained to make an accurate assessment so that patients receive the right kind of therapy while setting realistic rehabilitative goals. Patient comfort is uppermost on our minds.

Once patients’ experience improvement and relief, some tend to stop therapy mid-way. However, for long-term results, we strongly advise patients to complete their exercise programme. This also makes it possible for us to assess progress, which allows the programme to be constantly fine-tuned.

Also, for treatment to be successful, it is crucial that patients follow the home exercise programme recommended by the physiotherapist.

For Whom: Exercise therapy is effective in the treatment of:
Joint Replacement
Post-Fracture Rehabilitation
Postural Correction
Spinal Cord Injuries
Head injuries
Arthritis and spondylitis in conjunction with Electrotherapy
Post-fracture dislocation
Parkinson’s Disease

Facilities: Our department is fully-equipped with various types of therapies. Our equipment for exercises includes:
* Hand exerciser kit
* Thera-Band equipment
* Exercise balls of different sizes
* Exercise staircase
* Exercise cycle
* Parallel bars
* Weights, dumbells, cuff weights
* Tiltboard
* Wall bars / shoulder ladder
* Pulley