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Paediatric Physiotherapy
Children and newborns are perhaps our biggest challenge. And our fastest learners!

Growth and development in children are both qualitatively and quantitatively different from that in adults. Therefore, physical medicine that concerns them requires specialised training, knowledge and expertise. It comes from years of working with young patients and tuning in to an age group that is often unable to effectively communicate their needs or provide feedback that is so critical in therapy.

Holy Family Hospital, Mumbai, is proud to state that our Department of Physiotherapy is among only a select few hospitals in Mumbai that specialises in Paediatric Physiotherapy, And we’ve made amazing strides (see below) where many others are unable to make headway. The feedback we receive from grateful parents is our greatest reward.

Paediatric Services
There is a broad range of areas in which children can benefit from our services. These include:
- Cerebral palsy
- Congenital deformities
- Birth paralysis / Erb’s Palsy
- Spinal cord defects
- Foot deformities
- Torticollis in newborns
- Delayed developmental milestones

Watch Out For…
Some disorders, especially neurological afflictions, manifest themselves in physical limitations that are obvious. At other times, symptoms experienced by a baby or child may be subtle, for instance, when a child is late in achieving a developmental milestone. Consulting a physiotherapist will help dispel myths and doubts and lead to early diagnosis that will greatly benefit your baby or child.

Parents are advised to pay special attention to detecting possible defects or developmental problems in their babies so that timely intervention and rehabilitation is possible.

Since the human body is still growing and developing, children exhibit a remarkable ability to adapt and respond to physical therapy. The earlier you begin treatment, the better the results.

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