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Success Story No2

The Facts
Baby Shanti (name changed) wasn’t just a late learner; she was unable to achieve even the basic milestones other babies her age had achieved and even surpassed. She had been delivered by emergency Caesarean Section in an upscale Mumbai hospital. Being born premature, she was in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for 13 days.

The Diagnosis
In Baby Shanti’s case, the damage had been done just prior to or during birth. When we saw her at 8 months, she was:

  1. unable to roll
  2. unable to take any weight on her upper limbs
  3. unable to hold her head upright .
The Progress
We began physical therapy immediately, and at age 10 months, we were able to bring Baby Shanti to a level where she could not only flip over with ease; she could roll and sit up unsupported for short periods of time. She could also take a fair amount of weight on her upper limbs and could support her head on her own. Baby Shanti had already shown remarkable improvement!

Intensive therapy continued and at age 1 year, the baby could now hoist herself up from a lying position and sit up on her own. She had also achieved a good sense of balance in the sitting position.

At 15 months of age, much to the joy of her parents, Baby Shanti was crawling normally. This was not just a developmental milestone but a red-letter day for the family, especially for Baby Shanti, who was able to also stand with support!

But the journey was not over. Two months later, at age 17 months, the child was amazingly taking a few steps while holding on for support and was able to occasionally stand with support from the sitting position.

The Therapy
Baby Shanti was successfully treated with Neuro-Developmental Therapy. This involved daily sessions of physical exercise to stimulate the higher centres of the brain so that the baby could achieve her developmental milestones. And achieve them she did!

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