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Developmental Milestones
Each one is a red-letter day in the lives of both baby and mother – when crying turns to cooing, flipping over turns to rolling, when your baby starts crawling and, of course, the day your child takes his / her first tentative steps. Yes, your vocabulary will suddenly be populated with words such as ‘finger feeds’, ‘razzing’, ‘separation distress’, ‘parallel play’ and lots more!

All this is possible because the nervous system and body of a baby is continuously growing and developing. As this happens, the child grows more and more differentiated and his / her functions and abilities grow increasingly complex. This means the child evolves in the areas of sensory, perceptual, motor and emotional abilities.

But no matter how excited or frustrated a new mother might be at the pace of development, remember, you can’t rush Mother Nature. Each new development – or developmental milestone – follows a logical progression. Also, bear in mind that although the milestones are consistent for all babies and children, there is a great deal of variation and individual differences.

Check out our chart that provides developmental milestones from birth to age 6. This chart is intended only as a guide. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding your baby’s development, it would be wise to consult your paediatrician.