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Sample Management
Pre-analytical factors statistically contribute 45 per cent of the total errors occurring in a pathology laboratory. However, our ISO-certified laboratory has in place a set of procedures and practices, both in the OPD Lab as well as in the main laboratory, which ensures that our results fall well within the international standard.

Located on the ground floor of the hospital, our OPD Lab caters to a broad range of services and is the interactive and visible face of our department. It is staffed by courteous and efficient technicians who are adept at phlebotomy.

Effective sample management practices and well-organised, pre-analytical systems are employed to eliminate possible errors in test reportage.

Our lab services section has in place a detailed system of checks in the following areas:
  1. Accession.
  2. Sample Handling & Labelling.
  3. Sample Collection.
  4. Sample Transport.
  5. Sample Preparation & Storage.
  6. Sample Despatch to Laboratory for Analysis.
1. Accession
  • A dedicated team of trained data entry operators carries out accessioning in LIS.
  • Double-checking of data entry is done under supervision, which ensures zero errors in demographics and registration of samples.
  • All requisitions are stored in an organised manner for daily reference.
2. Sample Handling & Labelling
  • A dedicated team of technicians ensures checking of sample integrity and labelling,which is done by bar-coding.
  • To ensure result reliability, acceptance and rejection of samples are governed by well-defined policies.
  • The system ensures zero chance of incorrect labelling during accessioning.
3. Sample Collection
  • We have a separate team of well-trained and experienced phlebotomists who handle out-patients in the OPD Lab.
  • The main laboratory on the first floor of the hospital and the conveniently placed OPD Lab on the ground floor have uniform infrastructure and work instructions.
  • We take care of patient privacy and comfort by carrying out entire activities of registration, history recording, sample collection and discussion within the collection room.
  • Payment of fees is managed at the bank counter and cash counter. On paying the stipulated fee, patients receive a receipt, which is handed in at the lab before sample collection.
  • The blood collection material and devices used are disposable.
  • We aim to make blood collection a painless and trouble-free procedure.
  • We take extra care for paediatric and difficult collections.
4. Sample Transport
  • The most labile analyses such as Serum Ammonia and Bicarbonate are collected only at the main processing laboratory. Likewise, semen analysis samples are quickly transported to the main lab to check the motility.
  • To maintain sample integrity, sample trays are delivered to the main lab in batches within two hours of collection.
  • Specific thermacol boxes have been designed for the transport of samples that have special temperature requirements.
  • Service directories and catalogues of tests offered by the specialised labs to which we outsource infrequently requested tests are available in the OPD Lab.
5. Sample Preparation & Storage
  • It is mandatory to carry out sample preparation activity as early as possible for maintenance of sample integrity.
  • Serum / plasma is separated within 30 minutes.
  • Critical labile samples such as semen and blood for ESR etc are despatched for analysis immediately.
  • Adequate facilities for storing samples at ambient, refrigeration or frozen levels are provided.
6. Sample Despatch to Laboratory for Analysis
  • Even though sample dispatch is still managed manually and is not automated, the system used by us is foolproof to ensure zero sample loss or misplacement.