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Microbiology is a science of interpretive judgement when dealing with complex pathogens. We offer expert consultation with our experienced microbiologists and state-of-the-art equipment which includes Bactec 9050, Vitek-2 for MIC, MGIT for TB culture, and Gene-xpert PCR. We, at HFH, in Microbiology Department believe in communicating our results to clinicians round the clock.

Bactec 9050
Blood cultures and body fluids processed in Bactec 9050 leads to early and continuous detection of pathogens, especially in cases of septicemia, enteric fever, bacterial endocarditis and other pyrexia of bacterial origin.

Vitek - 2
A compact automated efficient system for faster, accurate identification of pathogens and their sensitivity. Microbroth dilution (MIC) testing is offered to clinicians for targeted therapy of patients.

Bactec MGIT
This is the new gold standard in testing of tuberculosis, using an automated liquid culture technology for rapid cultures of Mycobacteria.

Gene-xpert MTB / RIF
Polymerased Chain Reaction (PCR) system detects MTB and Rifampcin resistant in as early as 2 hours. Mycology capabilities include morphological identification of Candida and other fungi, including dermatophytes.

In addition, anaerobic cultures, fungal cultures and serological tests are performed under Microbiology.

Our Microbiology Department is completely covered under the scope of NABH and ISO 9001 - 2015 and infection control policies are strictly followed.