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Holy Family Hospital, Mumbai, has invested in state-of-the-art facilities to collect, test, store and supply whole blood and its components to make sure that blood transfused from our stock is absolutely safe.

* Every unit of blood in our Blood Bank is screened for antibodies to HIV, Hepatitis surface antigen, antibodies to HCV using the Vitros Enhanced Chemiluminescence System.  This is a fully automatic random access system which not only ensures accuracy but also sensitivity, thereby making the blood transfused to a patient safer.

* Diamed ID Micro typing Gel Technology is used for antibody screening and cross-matching of every unit. Compared to conventional techniques, Gel technology helps in the standardisation of procedures, increases sensitivity, specificity and efficiency.

* We have a fully automated OrthoAutovue system which handles all our blood groups, crossmatches and does antibody screening.  This has not only reduced the chances of any human error, but has improved the traceability of our reagents, etc.  A big advantage with this system is retention of photographs which can be recalled at a later date.

* The heart of our component Blood Bank is the refrigerated centrifuge – the Cryofuge 5500i which separates the blood collected into various blood products with consistent quality.

*CompoMat G5 (from Fresenium) is an automatic component extractor which helps us not only get an improved yield of the product but also helps to get a 70% – 90% reduction of leucocytes in the product.  Thereby reducing the incidence of febrile transfusion reaction associated with transfusions.

* Laminar work bench (Klenzaids) helps in manufacturing all our products under strict aseptic conditions without the risk of bacterial contamination.

* Our Blood Bank is also equipped with 3 freezers (-70°C, -40°C) which help store the fresh frozen plasma and cryoprecipitate.

* We are equipped with 4 Blood Bank refrigerators that store whole blood and packed cells at temperatures between 2°C – 6°C.

* We are also equipped with2 platelet incubators with agitators which help in storing platelets at 20°C – 24°C under constant agitation.

* The temperatures of all our equipment, including the reagent storage refrigerators, are constantly monitored via a central monitoring system. Technical failures can be attended to immediately, thereby preventing deterioration of products and reagents.