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Patient Education
The Holy Family Hospital in Mumbai is committed to providing excellent and timely clinical intervention and treatment to all our patients. However, as part of our commitment to taking healthcare to the community, it is our endeavour to empower the public by encouraging each individual member of the community to take their health into their own hands.

The hospital achieves this objective by conducting Awareness Programmes on a wide spectrum of diseases such as Diabetes, Osteoarthritis, Renal Disease, Cardiology, Headache & Migraine Awareness, Obesity and Epilepsy.

Our Awareness Programmes have a three-pronged objective:

  1. To educate members of the community about diseases and deconstruct the nature of disease and various medical conditions
  2. To offer guidance on disease management
  3. To offer guidance on disease prevention

Programme Details
Our Awareness Programmes, organised by our Public Relations and Marketing Departments, are usually held on Sunday mornings . They comprise short, half-day modules conducted by the hospital’s expert consultant doctors backed by our resident medical officers.

Practical Approach
Each module may consist of a lecture, Q&A session, individual consultations, follow-up investigations and snacks. In keeping with our practical approach, we may offer participants diagnostic services and/or check-ups at discounted rates.

Reaching Out
The hospital announces its Awareness Programmes via parish and church announcements and emails and notices in The Examiner.

Both sponsors and members of the public may contact the hospital’s PR & Marketing Department on Tel 30610319 / 30610316.

Help Desk: Tel 30610366