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Dr Vivek Shirguppi MD (Pathology) Blood Bank
Dr Brian Pinto MD, DM (Cardiology), FACC Cardiologist
Dr Robin Pinto MD, DM (Cardiology) Cardiologist
Dr Jaipal P Jadwani MD Cardiologist
Dr Yash Lokhandwala MD, DM (Cardiology), FACC Cardiologist
Dr Anand Rao MD, DM, FSCAI Cardiologist
Dr Bhupen Desai MD, DM (Cardiology), DNB, FACC, FESC Cardiologist
Dr Kaustubh Vaidya MD, DM (Cardiology), FIC Cardiologist
Dr Nitin Gokhale MD, DM, FACC, FESC, FSCAI Cardiologist
Dr Akshay Mehta MD, DM (Cardiology) Cardiologist
Dr Ravikant Bhat MD, MD (Respiratory Medicine) Cardiologist
Dr Bhavesh Vajifdar MD, DNB, MNAMS, FSCAI, FACC Cardiologist
Dr Dinesh Parikh MD, DM (Cardiology) Cardiologist
Dr Bharat Dalvi MD, DM (Cardiology) Cardiologist
Dr Ravi Bhatnagar MS, M.Ch.(CVTS), DNB Cardiac Surgeon
Dr Sandeep Honnekeri MS, M.Ch (CVTS), DNB Cardiac Surgeon
Dr Sudhansu Bhattacharya MS, MS (Thoracic Surgery), M.Ch (CVTS), FIACS Cardiac Surgeon
Dr Anil Tendolkar MS, M.Ch.(CVTS ), FIACS Cardiac Surgeon
Dr Shantesh Kaushik MS, M.Ch.(CVTS), DNB(Cardiology), DNB (Gen Surgery), MD, FCCP Cardiac Surgeon
Dr Suresh Joshi MS, MS (Thoracic Surgery), M.Ch.(CVTS), FIACS, FCCP, FICS Cardiac Surgeon
Dr Sanjeev Y Vichare DNB, MRCS, FRCS, MNAMS Cardiac Surgeon
Dr Aniruddh Trivedi MS, M.Ch (Thoracic Surgery) Cardiac Surgeon
Dr Kamales Kumar Saha MS, DNB (Gen Surgery), M.Ch (CVTS), M.Ch. (AIIMS), MD (USA) Cardiac Surgeon
Dr Krishna Prasad Irniraya DNB (Gen Surgery), DNB (CVTS), M.Ch. (CVTS) Cardiac Surgeon
Dr Omprakash Jaiswal MS (Gen Surgery), M.Ch (Cardiothoracic Surgery) Cardiac Surgeon
Dr Nitin P Gundre MS, MCH-CVTS Cardiac Surgeon
Dr Ameya R Udyavar MD, DM (Cardiology), DNB (Cardiology) Cardiologist-Electrophysiologist
Dr Amit Vora MD, DM (Cardiology), DNB (Cardiology) Cardiologist -Electrophysiologist
Dr Pankaj Patel MS (Gen Surgery) Vascular Surgeon
Dr Neil Soares MD (Dermatology & Venereology) Dermatology
Dr Rui Fernandez MD (Dermatology & Venereology) DVD, DDV Dermatology
Dr Shreyas Kamath MD (Dermatology & Venereology), DNB, DDV Dermatology
Dr Rickson Pereira MD, FCPS, DDV Dermatology
Dr Vaishali S. Naik MD, DM (Endocrinology) Diabetology / Endocrinology
Dr Samir Warty MS (Gen Surgery), MS (Plastic Surgery) Diabetic Foot Care
Dr Arun Bal MS (Gen Surgery), PhD Diabetic Foot Care
Dr Ravi Gupta MS Endoscopy
Dr Suryaprakash Bhandari DNB (Gen Surgery), FCPS Endoscopy
Dr Apoorva Hajirnis MD (General Medicine), DNB (Endocrinology) Endocrinology
Dr Alan Andrade MS (ENT), DORL ENT
Dr Chris E. de Souza MS (ENT), DORL, DNB, FACS ENT
Dr Peter Rodrigues MS (ENT), DORL, FICS, FICA ENT
Dr Dattatraya M. Borkar MS (ENT), DORL, FICS ENT
Dr Adip K Shetty MS (ENT) ENT
Dr Vishal N Tyagi MS (ENT) ENT
Dr Rahul Modi MS (ENT), DNB, FAHNS (USA) ENT
Dr Ashish Castellino DNB ENT
Dr Neelam Andrade BDS, MDS ENT
Dr Margaret Miranda MBBS, DA Family Physician
Dr Sanjeev Khanna MD (Gen Medicine), MCPS Gastroenterology
Dr Saifee T. Plumber MD (Gen Medicine), DNB (Medicine), DNB (GE) Gastroenterology
Dr Durgesh Borkar MS (Gen Surgery) Gastroenterology
Dr Sundeep Shah MD (Gen Medicine), DM (GE), DNB (GE) Gastroenterology
Dr Jayesh Zaveri MS (Gen Surgery) Gastroenterology (Bariatric)
Dr Sharad Sharma MS (Gen Surgery), DIP in Advanced Laproscopic Surgery Gastroenterology (Bariatric)
Dr Khurshed Vazifdar MD, FICN, GI Fellow (TMC) Gastroenterology
Dr Biswanath Gouda DNB (Surgery), FALS, MPH Surgical Gastroenterology
Dr Nitin Jain MS & DNB (Gen Surgery), FIAGES, DNB (Surgical Gastro), DLS GI & Laparoscopic Surgery
Dr Malini Andrade MD (Gen Medicine) General Medicine
Dr Rajesh Uchil MD (Gen Medicine), FICA General Medicine
Dr Alan Soares MD (Gen Medicine), DNB General Medicine
Dr Vinay Parvatkar MD (Gen Medicine), FICA (USA) General Medicine
Dr Lipeeka Parulekar MD (Gen Medicine) General Medicine
Dr Rommel C Idnani MD (Gen Medicine) General Medicine
Dr Manish M Shetty MD (Gen Medicine) General Medicine
Dr Koulsoum Houssein MD (Gen Medicine) General Medicine
Dr Hilloo Nagarwala MD (Gen Medicine) Health Check Up
Dr Asha Shah MD (Gen Medicine), DNB (Medicine) Hematology
Dr Avinash Deo MD (Gen Medicine) Hematology / Oncology
Dr Priti S Mehta DCh, MD, DNB (Fellowship Paed. Haematology Oncolog) Paediatric Haematology Oncology
Dr Hermie Drago LECH Homeopathy
Dr Shailen D. Petigara BHMS Homeopathy
Dr Leela D'souza-Francisco MD (Hom), MSc (Hom), CIH (Cardiology) Homeopathy
Dr Ankur J. Shah MS, DNB (Gen Surgery), MNAMS, MRCS, FRCS HPB Consultant
Dr Milind S Phadke MD (Gen Medicine), DM (Cardiology) Interventional Cardiology
Dr Sunanda Anand MD(Gen Medicine), DM (Neurology), Fellow (Int. Neuro Radiology) Interventional Neuro Radiology
Dr Uday Limaye DNB (Radiology), DMRD, DMRE Interventional Neurology
Dr Gireesh Warawdekar DMRE Interventional Radiology
Dr Nikhil S Karnik DMRE, DNB (Radiodiagnosis) Interventional Radiology
Dr Tejas Dharia MD (Radio Diagnosis), Fellowship in Interventional Radiology Interventional Radiology
Dr Jathin Krishna Rai MD (Radiology), FNVIR (Vascular Intervention) Vascular Interventional Radiology
Dr Gurmeet Sawhney MSc, PHD (Microbiology) Microbiology
Dr Archana Jha MD (Microbiology) Microbiology
Dr Martin DeSouza MD, MRCP, BCC Nephrology
Dr Mahindra R Merchant MD, DNB (Nephrology) Nephrology
Dr Amish Udani DCH, DNB, FPN Nephrology
Dr Lohitaksha Suratkal MD, DNB, MNAMS (Nephrology) Nephrology
Dr Sharad M Sheth MD, MNAMS Nephrology
Dr Mahesh P Khairwar MD (Med), DNB (Nephrology) Nephrology
Dr Samuel Chakola ABIM (Internal Medicine & Nephrology) Nephrology
Dr Harshad Parekh MS, MCh (Neuro Surgery), MB Neurosurgery
Dr Sanjay Mongia MS, MCh (Neuro Surgery), FICS, FAIS Neurosurgery
Dr Maruti Pujeri MS (Surgery), MCh (Neurosurgery) Neurosurgery
Dr Samir Parekh DNB (Neuro Surgery) Neurosurgery
Dr Sushil Tandel MD (Medicine), DM (Neurology), DCN Neurology
Dr Rakeshsingh Singh MD (Medicine), DM (Neurology) Neurology
Dr Kaustuba S Mahajan DNB (Medicine), FCPS (Medicine), DNB (Neurology) Neurology
Dr Daanish A Chhapra MD (Int Medicine), DM (Neurology) Neurology
Dr Kevin Quadros DGO, MD (OBGY), Diploma in Endoscopy (UK, USA) Obst. & Gynaec
Dr Jacintha Mathias DGO, MBBS Obst. & Gynaec
Dr Geneve de Sa MD (OBGY) Obst. & Gynaec
Dr Malcolm Fonseca MD (OBGY), DGO, DNB, DHA Obst. & Gynaec
Dr Nozer Sheriar MD (OBGY), DNBE, DGO, FCPS, FICOG Obst. & Gynaec
Dr Kiran Coelho MD (OBGY), DGO, DFP Obst. & Gynaec
Dr Sr Beena MS, DMAS, Dip. In Gynae Endoscopy Obst. & Gynaec
Dr Sylvia Noronha MD (OBGY), DNB, FCPS, DGO, DFP Obst. & Gynaec
Dr Jyoti Shetty MD (OBGY), DGO Obst. & Gynaec
Dr Michelle Victor MD (OBGY), Dip in Gynae Endoscopy Obst. & Gynaec
Dr Sheela A Dedhia DNB (Obgy), DGO (CPS) Obst. & Gynaec
Dr Deepti Mulchandani DGO, DNB Obst. & Gynaec
Dr Mugdha Tanmay Joshi BHMS,CNCC,PGCPDN,MSCDFSM, IBCLC Lactation Management
Dr Ian DeSouza MS (Gen Surgery), TMC (Surgical Oncology) Oncology
Dr Dale Rodrigues MS (Gen Surgery), DNB (Sur.Oncology), MRCS, FAMS, DMAS Oncology
Dr Nikhil P Dharmadhikari MS (Gen Surgery), DNB (Sur. Oncology) Oncology
Dr Sameeksha Dubey MD (Medicine), DNB (Med Oncology) Oncology
Dr Rakesh Mohan Badhe MS, DNB, FCPS Oncology
Dr Sunil J. Rodrigues MS (Oph) Ophthalmology
Dr Ajay I. Dudani MS (Oph), DNB, FCPS, DOMS Ophthalmology
Dr Dinshaw Dastoor FRCS (Oph Glas), DOMS Ophthalmology
Dr Suresh Hemrajani MS (Oph), DOMS Ophthalmology
Dr Pranay Kapadia MS (Oph), DOMS, FCPS, DNB, PGDMLS, PGDHHM Ophthalmology
Dr Smita Bagrecha MS (Oph) FRVEEH (Glaucoma), FSGN (Comprehenvie Ophthal) Ophthalmology
Dr Sandeep Mondkar DOMS, FMRF Ophthalmology
Dr Swarna Panigrahi MS (Oph), FAEH (Orbit & Oculoplasty) Ophthalmology
Dr Suvira Jain DOMS, FRCS Ophthalmology
Dr Nicholas Antao MS (Orth), FCPS, MNAMS Orthopaedics
Dr Derick DeLima MS (Orth), Orthopaedics
Dr Dominic F. D'Silva MS (Orth), MD (Ortho), D.Ortho, DNB, Fellow Arthoscopy & Sports Medicine (Sweden) Orthopaedics
Dr Rajesh B Shirishkar MS (Surgery), Dip Ortho, FCPS (Ortho) Orthopaedics
Dr Rakesh Nair D.Ortho, DNB (Ortho) Orthopaedics
Dr Jawahar Panjwani MS (Ortho), D.Ortho, MNAMS Orthopaedics
Dr Vinod Agrawal MS(Ortho), D. Ortho, FCPS, DNB(Ortho Surgery) Orthopaedics
Dr Dylan Goveas MS (Ortho) Orthopaedics
Dr Atul Bhaskar Dip Ortho, MCh, MS (Ortho), DNB (Ortho), FRCS (Surg),  FRCS (Ortho), Paed Ortho Fellowship Orthopaedics
Dr Naeem Jagani DOrtho (MCI), DNB (Ortho), MNAMS Orthopaedics
Dr Mohammad Tauseef Khan MS (Ortho), DNB, Fellow in Knee Joint Arthroplasty and Arthroscopy Orthopaedics
Dr Girish T Dewnany MS, DOrtho, DNB (Ortho), MCh (Ortho), FRCS (Ortho-UK) Orthopaedics
Dr Lalit Panchal MS, DNB, FCPS, DOrtho Orthopaedics
Dr Chirag Borana D.Ortho (CPS), DNB (Ortho), MNAMS Orthopaedics
Dr Bhavin N Shial MS (Ortho) Orthopaedics
Dr Satish Mutha MS; DOrtho; DNB (Ortho) Orthopaedics
Dr Prasad Bhagunde MS (Ortho); DOrtho Orthopaedics
Dr Jitendra Jain MD (Anaesthesia), DA, DNB, Fellowship (Paris) Pain Clinic
Dr Kiritkumar S.Trivedi MD (Anaesthesia), DA Pain Clinic
Dr Prisca Colaco MD (Paed), D.Ch Paediatrics
Dr Ancilla Tragler DABP (Diplomate of the American Board of Paediatrics) Paediatrics
Dr Amata Khosla MD (Paed), DISC (Paris) Critical Care Paediatrics
Dr Deepak P. Tirthani MD (Paed), DCH Paediatrics
Dr Rajaram D Khare MD (Paed), DCH Paediatrics
Dr Kamlesh P. Haria MD (Paed) Paediatrics
Dr Chetan J. Shetty MD (Paed), DHA, FAGE Paediatrics
Dr Sanjay Sharma MD (Paed) Paediatrics
Dr Bhupesh N. Shah MD (Paed), D.Ch Paediatrics
Dr Prajakta Joshi Raman MD (Paed) Paediatrics
Dr Abdul Azeem Khan MD(Paed), DCH, FCPS Paediatrics
Dr Ganesh Lahane MD (Paed) Paediatric
Dr Nishat S. Nanavati MS, MCH (Paed Surgery) Paediatric Surgery
Dr Bhalchandra Jayakar MS, MCh (Paed Surgery), DNB, MNAMS Paediatric Surgery
Dr Jui Mandke DNB (Gen & Paed Surgery) Paediatric Surgery
Dr Jude W. Vaz MD (Path), DPB Pathology
Dr Tasneem B Doctor MD (Path) Pathology
Dr Kalpesh Gajiwala MS (Gen Surgery), M.Ch (Plastic Surgery) Plastic Surgery
Dr Vinay Jacob MS (Gen Surgery), M.Ch (Plastic Surgery), DNB Plastic Surgery
Dr Ritesh Gupta MS (Gen Surgery), MCh (Plastic Surgery) Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Dr Rohit Munot MS (Gen Surgery), MCh, DNB (Plastic Surgery) Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Dr Nikunj Mody MS; MCh (Plastic Surgery) Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Dr Charles Pinto MD (Psy), DPM Psychiatry
Dr Niti Sapru MD (Psy), DPM Psychiatry
Dr Deepti Kukreja DPM, DNB (Psychiatry) Psychiatry
Dr Santosh Bangar DPM (Psychiatry), MD (Psychiatry) Psychiatry
Dr Narendra Kinger MA (Clinical Psychology) Psychology
Dr Priyanka Kartari MSc, MA (Clinical Psychology) Psychology
Dr Pushpa Kamath MA (Counselling Psychology), PG (Edu Children Disability) Psychology
Dr Sanjeev Mani MD (Radiology), DNB, DMRE Radiology
Dr Nikhil Cunha MD (RadioDiagnosis), DMRE, DMRD, DNB Radiology
Dr Veena D'Souza Louzado MD (Radiology), DNB (Radiology) Radiology
Dr Shanti Shetty DMRE Radiology
Dr Alpana Karnik DNB (Radiology) Radiology
Dr Raina A Tembey DNB (Radiology) Radiology
Dr Vernon B Mendonca DMRD, DNB Radiology
Dr Jarvis Pereira MD Radiology
Dr Alpa Bharati MD (Radiodiagnosis) Cardiac Imaging
Dr Rashid Vasi MD Respiratory Medicine
Dr Yatin Dholakia MD, TDD Respiratory Medicine
Dr Jalil Parkar MD, FCCP (USA) Respiratory Medicine
Dr Unmil Shah MD, DNB Respiratory Medicine
Dr Vaibhav Kubal DAA, DNB (Resp. Diseases) Respiratory Medicine
Dr Kapil Iyer MD (Pulmonary Med), DNB (Resp. Diseases), EDARM Respiratory Medicine
Dr Anil Pinto MS Surgery
Dr Vernon Sequeira MS, DNB Surgery
Dr Bryan Sodder MS, FCPS, FIAMS, DNB Surgery
Dr Lawrence A Desa MS, FRCS (Urology), DNB Surgery
Dr Russell Pinto MS, FMAS Surgery
Dr Vardhini Waingankar DNB (Gen Surgery) Surgery
Dr Hirav Parikh MS (Gen Surgery), FMAs, FNB (Minimal Access Surgery, GI and advanced Laparoscopy) Surgery
Dr Anand Utture MCh (Urology), DNB (Genito Urinary Surgery), MS, MNAMS, FICS (USA), FACS Urology
Dr Santosh Palkar MS, MCh (Urology), DNB Urology
Dr Manu Sobti MS (Gen Surgery), MCh (Urology), DNBE (Urology) Urology
Dr Rajeev Joshi MS, MCh (Urology) Urology
Dr Abhinandan Sadalge MS, MCh (Urology) Urology
Dr Bhushan Pralhad Patil MS (Gen Surgery), MCh (Urology & Andrology) Urology
Dr Nishant R Kathale DNB (Gen Surgery), DNB (Urology), MNAMS Urology
Dr Malav A Modi MS, DNB (Urology) Urology