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General Medicine

OPD Schedule:

Doctor Day Time Room No Ext
General Medicine
Dr Malini Andrade Mon/Thu 0830 - 1130 4 412
Dr Sanjeev Khanna Tue/Sat 1100 - 1400 4  
Dr Alan Soares Wed/Sat 0830 - 1030 4  
Dr Rajesh Uchil Wed/Fri 1130 - 1330 4  
Dr Vinay Parvatkar Tue 0830 - 1030 4  
  Thu 1330 - 1530    
Dr Lipeeka Parulekar Mon 1130 - 1300    
  Wed 1030 - 1200    
  Fri 0900 - 1100    
General Surgeons
Dr Anil Pinto Mon/Thu 0830 - 1130 8 416
Dr Vernon Sequeira Tue/Fri 0830 - 1030 8  
Dr Bryan Sodder Wed/Sat 0830 - 1130 8  
Dr Lawrence A Desa Mon/Thu 1100 - 1300 12 421
Dr Russel Pinto Wed/Sat 1100 - 1300 12  

The Department of Medicine is one of the most important departments in any hospital, as medical problems can occur in patients admitted under any specialty and have to be managed as quickly as possible. The Department manages critically ill patients in our well equipped intensive care units. We are fortunate to have a vibrant medicine department in our hospital which besides day-to-day management of OPD and in-patients is also active in the academic and research spheres.

Our Department offers services in the following areas :-
  • Heart and blood vessel problems such as high blood pressure
  • Infectious diseases both acute and chronic
  • Endocrinology such as diabetes and thyroid dysfunction
  • Gastroenterology which can handle liver, stomach and intestinal problems
  • Blood disorders
  • Kidney problems
  • Lung problems such as asthma
  • Rheumatology such as arthritis and gout; and
  • Other connective tissue disorders.
The Department of Medicine has highly skilled and professional team of doctors to provide comprehensive medical care to all our patients. The team include :

Dr Malini Andrade, M.D.
Special Interest : Rheumatology and HIV medicine

Dr Sanjeev Khanna, M.D.
Special Interest : Gastroenterology

Dr J P Jadwani, M.D.
Special Interest : Cardiology

Dr Alan Soares : M.D
Dr Rajesh Uchil, M.D.
Special Interest : HIV medicine

Dr Vinay Parbatkar, M.D.
Special Interest : Diabetology

Dr Lipeeka Parulekar,
Special Interest : Cardiology

Our dedication to patient care has provided satisfaction and confidence to our patients.

Two DNB students are registered for post-graduate training every year. We have completed eight years of such training.

DNB training includes daily teaching rounds, case presentations, journal clubs, Wednesday Grand Rounds, regular symposia on various specialties. The GURUMED teaching programme for post-graduate students is the brain-child of the late Dr. K G Nair and we are continuing this quarterly activity. Students from all over Maharashtra visit our hospital for a weekend of post-graduate training and preparation for their post-graduate theory and practical exams. Faculty members are invited from all over the city as well as doctors from the department and various super-specialties from our hospital. Our excellent audio-visual and conference hall infrastructure ensures the success of this unique teaching programme.

Our students are also encouraged to pursue research activities in addition to their routine academic and clinical activities.